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Improving Help For Gout Patient Group

Improving Help For Gout Patient Group is a discussion to improve the help pages for Gout Patients. It is part of a series of discussions about Gout Groups.

Gout Patient Group is #8 in 9 Gout Groups identified in Which Gout Group Am I In:

As a gout patient, you should be happy you get professional medical care. But, is it professional enough? I can help you identify weaknesses in your gout treatment. I can help you apply the latest professional recommendations that many frontline doctors overlook.

Since I wrote that Gout Groups article, I’ve added a Life Champion Group. That is where your gout is cured, or controlled, so that you can focus on enjoying life. Everyone should want to be a Life Champion. As a Gout Patient, you will soon be enjoying life to the full. You should be in no doubt that your gout is fully under control. If you need reassurance, GoutPal is always here to help.

The purpose of this discussion is to make it easy for members of the Gout Patient Group to find the information they need. If my help pages are not clear, I will improve them based on your comments below.

The great thing about being a Gout Patient, is knowing you are in control. You simply have to keep taking the treatment. Regular blood tests will show that you remain healthy. As you recover, your doctor can adjust your treatment dose according to blood test results.

You always know your gout is improving. Even if you are not fully recovered yet, you can see that you will soon be gout free. Then, you become a Gout Champion. Always vigilant, and always certain that gout will never return.

You can forget worrying about gout, and be a Life Champion. Life Champions do not need GoutPal. However, if you want to help other gout sufferers, you are in a good place. You are best to encourage other sufferers, because you can share your positive experiences. Check back from time to time, or make a more formal commitment. It’s up to you. But, for now, it’s back to being a Gout Patient, and making that last step forward to being a Gout Champion.

Finding Gout Patient Help

Information relevant to the Gout Patient Group is:

  1. Gout Facts and Guidelines labeled For Gout Patient Group.
  2. Current forum discussions tagged Gout Patient Group.
  3. Old forum discussions and help pages labeled For Gout Patient Group.

I’ve listed these in order of importance. There is no direct link to the third type of information. However, you may see relevant links when you use GoutPal’s Gout Search Engine. Gout Search, at the top right of every GoutPal page, is important for finding relevant information.

Gout Patients search a lot for details about reducing uric acid. I hope my search results encourage you to stick to your treatment plans. You should seek immediate help if you are worried about any aspect of your uric acid treatment. If you have a question about lowering uric acid, you should always type it into the search box first. Many times, you will find the information you need. If you do not, you can ask in the gout forum. When you ask your questions, please mention your search, and explain why it didn’t give you all the information you need.

As you search and browse, you find pages that are particularly helpful to you. When you find helpful pages, please use the comments below to say why the page was important to you. Better still, start a new topic in the gout forum. Your messages help other Gout Patients, find relevant information. Writing about your personal treatment plan also helps you realize that gout treatment must change to match changing uric acid levels. Indeed, we expect dose changes will be needed, as we slowly recover from gout and become more active.

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Are you taking the right pills at the right time.

Next step for Gout Patients

Do you have questions, experiences, or opinions to share about being a Gout Patient? The best place to start is to post a topic in the General Gout Forum.

If you have lots of questions, I recommend that you start a Personal Gout Diary. This will help you organize all the information you collect about uric acid control. To get your diary, see How to start your Personal Gout Diary. Use your diary to record symptoms, uric acid levels, prescription changes, etc. Important Gout Patient Facts include:

Uric Acid Level:
As much detail as possible, including: Number, unit of measure, date last tested, doctor’s remarks.
Current Gout Group:
Gout Patient. Add personal reasons why you belong to this group.
Target Gout Group:
If you want to be a Gout Champion, you can set a date for when you think you will be totally gout-free. If you keep your uric acid safe, and have no flares for six months, you are automatically a Gout Champion.
Birth Year:
Year of birth. (Approximate is fine, e.g. 1950s)
Male / Female.
Where do you live (country is important)?
Gout Symptoms:
Describe which joints are affected, and how much that affects your quality of life.
How I treat Gout Symptoms:
Describe how you deal with pain, swelling, and any other symptoms you describe above.
Uric Acid medicines:
Exact name and dose of medicines for lowering uric acid.
All other medicines:
All other medicines that you take. Include any herbal or pharmaceutical medicines that you have not included in your gout treatments above.
Other personal gout facts:
Any other important gout facts about yourself? Other GoutPal members will use this info to give you personal help.
Gout Questions:
What important, unanswered questions about gout and uric acid do you have?

You might need structured help to progress from Gout Patient to Gout Champion. If so, see How to start Structured Gout Help.

One thought on “Improving Help For Gout Patient Group

  1. Keith Taylor Post author

    For each Gout Group, I’m adding typical questions, experiences, and opinions. These identify the Gout Group that a person belongs to. I want to ensure that searches that identify Gout Patients lead them to the right information. It’s early days for this, but it will prove if my guidelines are relevant. When you use the GoutPal Search Engine, you get a page or results. For typical Gout Patient searches, I want at least 7 of the top 10 results to point to a page that is labeled for Gout Patients. You can help by adding your favorite searches as a reply to this. I’m going to start with:

    Uloric dose for gout

    It mentions a specific treatment for lowering uric acid. That might apply to other Gout Groups. But, this short sentence also mentions the dose. Therefore, it almost certainly applies to someone already taking Uloric, so they must be a Gout Patient. I don’t think they are a Gout Champion yet. It’s just a bit too vague for a Gout Champion.

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