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Improving Help For Gout Recce Group

Improving Help For Gout Recce Group is a discussion to improve the help pages for gout sufferers in the Gout Recce Group. It is part of a series of discussions about Gout Groups.

This page is about improving my information on GoutPal.com. If you want personal help deciding if Gout Recce Group is the right group for you, please ask in the gout forum.

Gout Recce Group is #4 in 9 Gout Groups identified in Which Gout Group Am I In:

The vast array of gout treatments is good for gout sufferers. It gives us choices. But, it can also be confusing.

Originally, I called it the Gout Pre-Treatment Group. There are some comments about name choices for this group. Eventually we chose Gout Recce Group. It signifies that you know you need treatment to lower uric acid. But, you want to investigate your options. Then, you can choose the right type of treatment for you.

Every gout sufferer needs time to decide the best course of action. It’s a big shock to learn you have gout. It’s a bigger shock to realize there are hundreds of different ways to treat it. We need time to decide what is best for us. To make the decision process easier, I’ve split treatments into 3 groups: Pharmaceutical Medicine, Herbal Medicine, or Diet/Lifestyle. Before you decide which of those groups you belong to, you are in this Gout Recce Group. It’s wise to consider your options carefully. Get general help from my gout facts. If you want, ask for personal help in the gout forum. Just don’t take too long.

The purpose of this discussion is to make it easy for members of the Gout Recce Group to find the information they need. If my help pages are not clear, I will improve them based on your comments below.

The biggest mistake Gout Recce members make, is forgetting uric acid. It’s easy to think everything is OK, once gout pain stops. But, it will return. Gout attacks get more frequent, more intense, and more widespread. If you fail to control uric acid, gout spreads to every joint. Then uric acid crystals start causing organ damage. Therefore, help pages for the Gout Recce Group should start with understanding the importance of lowering uric acid. But what else do you need to know?

Here is a list of topics that Gout Recce Members need to know:

  • Why is lowering uric acid important?
  • How to choose between 3 main treatment types for lowering uric acid:
    • Drugs as a Gout Patient,
    • Natural medicines as a Gout Herbalist,
    • Lifestyle improvements as a Gout Dieter.

    It’s not a once-a-lifetime choice. You can change your mind later. But, making no choice changes you to a Gout Victim. Nobody wants that.

  • Where can you get personal help to choose the right type of uric acid lowering treatment?

Finding Gout Recce Help

Information relevant to the Gout Recce Group is:

  1. Gout Facts and Guidelines labeled For Gout Recce Group.
  2. Current forum discussions tagged Gout Recce Group.
  3. Old forum discussions and help pages labeled For Gout Recce Group.

I’ve listed these in order of importance. There is no direct link to the third type of information. However, you may see relevant links when you use GoutPal’s Gout Search Engine. Gout Search, at the top right of every GoutPal page, is important for finding relevant information.

If you have a question about different types of gout treatment, you should always type it into the search box first. Many times, you will find the information you need. If you do not, you can ask in the gout forum. When you ask your questions, please mention your search, and explain why it didn’t give you all the information you need.

As you search and browse, you find pages that are particularly helpful to you. When you find helpful pages, please use the comments below to say why the page was important to you. Better still, start a new topic in the gout forum. Your messages help other Gout Recce Group members, find relevant information. Writing about different gout treatment types also helps you realize which type is most important to you.

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Are you ready for Gout Treatment Reconnaissance?

Next step for Gout Recce Group

Do you need personal help about being a Gout Recce Group member? The best place to start is to post a topic in the General Gout Forum.

If you have lots of questions, I recommend that you start a Personal Gout Diary. This will help you organize all the information you collect about your gout and uric acid. To get your diary, see How to start your Personal Gout Diary. Use your diary to record symptoms, treatment preferences, treatment comparisons, etc. Important Gout Recce Facts include:

Uric Acid Level:
As much detail as possible, including: Number, unit of measure, date last tested, doctor’s remarks.
Current Gout Group:
Gout Recce . Add personal reasons why you belong to this group.
Target Gout Group:
If you want to be a Gout Champion, you have to choose an intermediate group first. You might start to control uric acid as a Gout Herbalist, a Gout Dieter, or a Gout Patient. You should have a target even if you are not ready to move yet. The alternative, is Gout Victim.
Birth Year:
Year of birth. (Approximate is fine, e.g. 1950s)
Male / Female.
Where do you live (country is important)?
Gout Symptoms:
Describe which joints are affected, and how much that affects your quality of life.
How I treat Gout Symptoms:
Describe how you deal with pain, swelling, and any other symptoms you describe above.
All other medicines:
All other medicines that you take. Include any herbal or pharmaceutical medicines that you have not included in your gout symptoms treatments above.
Other personal gout facts:
Any other important gout facts about yourself? Other GoutPal members will use this info to give you personal help.
Gout Questions:
What important, unanswered questions about gout and uric acid do you have?

You might need structured help to progress from Gout Recce to your target group. If so, see How to start Structured Gout Help.

The next step in improving help for Gout Recce Group is to publish specific guidance for this group on GoutPal.com. That will summarize the information I’ve explained above. Also, it will include your comments about how to make explanations more understandable. A big part of this is to identify current pages that explain different types of uric acid lowering treatment. Have you seen GoutPal pages that help Gout Recce group members? Please add your comments below, saying how the page helped you.

Please remember: This discussion is about clarifying Gout Recce information on GoutPal.com. For personal help deciding if Gout Recce is the right gout group for you, ask in the gout forum. If you want personal help about any aspect of gout, always ask in the gout forum.

Improving Help For Gout Recce Group: Document History

Date Revision
Sep 11, 2016 (first archive). First Published, as Improving Help For Gout Waffler Group.
Oct 06, 2016 (archive). Group renamed Gout Recce Group. Added clarification to post in gout forum for personal help. Some preparation for creating specific Gout Recce Group help pages on GoutPal.com.

If you see gout pages that I should improve, please suggest a GoutPal page review.

4 thoughts on “Improving Help For Gout Recce Group

  1. Keith Taylor Post author

    I think the name of this gout group can be improved. I called it Waffler, to emphasize that, without a gout treatment plan, you increase risks of serious health problems from uncontrolled uric acid.

    However, this has a negative effect. People seem to avoid this group because it sounds bad. In most cases, it is not the gout sufferer’s fault that they got bad treatment advice. I’d like to make the name more neutral. Then, if people identify with this group, it’s easier to move forward. From here you can decide if you want to be a Gout Patient, Gout Herbalist, or Gout Dieter. That choice is the next step before becoming a Gout Champion.

    So far, I’ve thought of Gout Decider.

    Do you think this group should be renamed “Gout Decider Group”? Or, do you have a better suggestion?

    1. Keith Taylor Post author

      Although I think Decider is better than Waffler, I’m not certain it’s the best name for all undecided Gout Sufferers. At the symptoms stage, I’ve called people who are undecided about their (potential) gout diagnosis GoutPal’s Arthritis Sufferers Group. That’s an accurate, neutral name that describes people who are undecided about whether they have gout.

      Once you know you definitely have gout, you become a Gout Victim. You are at the mercy of increasingly dangerous uric acid crystals. Those crystals will not go away until you decide to do something about lowering your uric acid.

      We’ve seen that the first reaction of many Gout Victims is to blame food. Now, if food really is the issue, then those gout sufferers have Secondary Gout. For most other gout sufferers, they realize they need to act. But, what is the best thing to do?

      Gout treatment options can be confusing. Do you treat pain, uric acid, or both? Are pharmaceutical medicines best? What about herbal medicines, or lifestyle changes? Gout sufferers should get advice from their doctor. But, what if their doctor does not understand gout? Unsurprisingly, gout sufferers delay treatment because they can’t decide what treatment is best for them.

      This is not about indecision, or needless wavering. Gout sufferers are often hesitant because they are uncertain. If choices are unclear, it is impossible to move forward with any type of treatment. When I suggested Gout Decider for this group, I was thinking about gout sufferers who accept they need treatment. Those gout sufferers need some time to decide. But, from reviewing forum discussions, it is clear that most gout sufferers (myself included), delay treatment because they are uncertain what their choices are. In this situation, we are hesitant because we are sensible. Not, because we are timid or reluctant. In the military, we’d call this reconnaissance.

      This group is mostly about investigating possibilities. Then, deciding on the choices. So, Decider is suitable. Investigator might also be good. I think Gout Recce Group might work. But, is that a term that people will identify with?

      Some choices are:
      Gout Chooser Group
      Gout Decider Group
      Gout Investigator Group
      Gout Recce Group

      What works best for you?

  2. Irma Reitz

    Hi Keith,
    I agree that Gout Waffler is not my best choice of names for this group. It makes it sound like the group is for people who just want waffle and don’t really have much to say. I do like Gout Recce Group, which suggests to me that one is proactive in finding suitable treatment and in investigating options.

    1. Keith Taylor Post author

      Brilliant timing, Irma. I was just going to change the name to Gout Decider Group. I had the same thoughts as you about Gout Recce Group. But, I thought the name might be misunderstood. Clearly not!

      I’m going to change the name to Gout Recce Group.

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