GoogleGout with GoutPal

Introducing Google Gout with GoutPal

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Google Gout with GoutPalis my explanation of how the gout search engine works. Also, I include tips to help you find relevant gout information faster.

Google Gout with GoutPal Goal

I wrote Google Gout with GoutPal to help you search for GoutPal information. So, this page is suitable for all GoutPal visitors and members. Because I have published information about gout for 12 years. Also, I have published discussions with thousands of gout sufferers and their carers. Therefore, I ensure my gout search tools help you Google gout in the best way.

After reading this, you will know how to Google gout properly. Also, I explain some plans for improving Google gout with GoutPal in future.

Google Gout with GoutPal

I use Google to help you find my gout information because it is currently the best general search engine. But where general tools are not enough, I will also give you specific search tools for different aspects of gout. Because different types of gout sufferer have different search needs. For example, Gout Dieters do not want allopurinol pages appearing on their Google for Gout Diet search results page.

Google for Gout Diet

Before you Google for Gout Diet, you should decide if you are a Gout Foodie or a Gout Dieter. Because a Gout Foodie tends to look at individual foods in a random way, hoping they might stop gout. Whereas a Gout Dieter has a plan to lower their uric acid by making better food choices.

So, Gout Foodies will ask search questions like “Google, is cheese good for gout”. Whereas Gout Dieters usually ask for comparisons such as “Google, is cheese better than chicken for uric acid”

GoogleGout with GoutPal

Example of Google Gout results

Your Google Gout Searches

Though most gout sufferers Google for gout diet, there are many more gout search topics. So if you have a gout question, it is usually best to start by typing it into the GoogleGout Search Box near the top of each page. Because that gives you a good starting point. Then, if you do not find your answers to your question, you should find some relevant facts. So, use those facts to ask a better question. Then, if you still cannot find your answer, you should ask in the gout forum. But please remember to include details of how you Googled for gout.

In your forum posts, you should include the exact GoogleGout search. Then explain why the results you found did not help you. Wherever possible, include a link to the pages you have read. Because that helps other gout sufferers give you better answers.

Before you start Googling for gout answers, it is usually better to decide Which type of Gout Sufferer are You? Because my plans for different types of gout sufferers will help you know which search terms will help you Google gout to get answers that are most relevant to you.

What will you ask the GoogleGout Search Engine?

Please note that I am currently improving this gout search service and it’s documentation. In particular, I am adding more notes about different ways to Google gout that will help you. So, you can subscribe to my free update service to ensure you get an email when I publish these improvements.

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