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Clinical Trials for Gout

USA Clinical Trials for Gout and Uric Acid

Clinical Gout & Kidney Trial near Chicago, IL

Clinical Investigation Specialists, CIS Research, in Gurnee IL near Chicago, IL is conducting a Clinical Trial involving Kidney Disease and Gout
The EXPLORE study will observe the safety and effectiveness of using the medication lesinurad in combination with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor (XOI), as opposed to using an XOI alone, to lower uric acid levels in the blood of adult patients with gout and kidney problems.

Clinilabs, Inc.
Stipend: Contact Research Site Directly for Stipend
Length of Study: 104 weeks
Research Facility: Out-Patient
Gender: Both
Age: 18 – 85
Washout Period: 30 days from Completion Date to Screening
Health Condition: Nephropathy, Kidney Disease, Gout (Hyperuricemia), Kidney Failure, Renal Failure

More Information: You may be eligible to participate in this study, if you meet all of the following criteria:
• You are between ages 18-85
• You have been diagnosed with gout and have problems with your kidney function

You may not be able to join the EXPLORE study if you meet these criteria:
• You have had unstable angina
• You have uncontrolled high blood pressure
• You are a solid organ transplant recipient

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Other Clinical Trials for Gout Sufferers

I will add more USA clinical trial for gout sufferers here. So if you here of ones that I’ve missed, please post them. But start a new topic for trials in other countries.

Clinical Trials for Gout

Which clinical trial might help your gout?

Blueberries and Gout photo

Blueberry antioxidants and febuxostat

@nobody – hope your well. Being on Febuxostat longer then me your experience may help. My blood results have come back and the hemoglobin has recovered slightly so things seem ‘reasonably stable’. The one result that baffled me and the rheumatologist for that matter is the uric acid level climbed up to 512ummol which is almost as much as it was when I was taking 20mgs. So going by the numbers we have:

20mgs – 514ummol
30mgs – 491ummol
40mgs – 487ummol (blood test mid Jan)
40mgs – 512ummol (blood test end Jan)

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Why do you buy a Uric Acid Meter?

Gout with normal uric acid levels?

I’m new to this forum.

I was diagnosed with gout in 2014 by a podiatrist after getting an x-ray during what appeared to be an acute gout attack. The pain in my big toe was so intense I was unable to walk without crutches for a couple of weeks even on painkillers. I started taking whey protein several months before the attack and noticed I could not stand for long periods of time without my hips and feet getting sore. I put off going to the doctor until I had that attack.

Now other joints seem to be affected, my right thumb, and right hip. My hands sometimes get real stiff in the morning. I decided to get a uric acid monitor to see just how much uric acid I’m dealing with. I’m pretty sure I’m pricking myself correctly but the uric acid was at or below 3 mg/dl the two times I tested so far.

Is it possible to have gout without the hyperuricemia? Or are the crystals going straight to my joints for whatever reason?

Gout Foodie Group image

Naturopathy and Gout. Will vegetarian diet help?

I was an ambitious/sensitive/hardworking/anxiety prone/perfection seeking individual. All these lead to chronic health issues high blood pressure and diabetes by 30 (10 years back). on medications for few years also ended up having cholesterol and thyroid problems. so decided to go for naturopathy instead of standard medicines.

I first had my gout attack in 2007. Until last year(June 2016), I used to have occasional gout attacks 1/2 or max 3 times a year. Till date, maximum reading of uric acid is 7.3(Over 50+ tests in 10 years). Due to some stresses, attacks became frequent, once a month kind of from June 2016 until April/May 2017. I could not tolerate and went to my doctor and he suggested allopurinol/febuxostat. I was somehow not keen on using the medicine as I already had enough.

Started with Naturopathy treatment from September 2017… sprouts+fruits as breakfast and low cal veg food with 0 salt, 0 oil. All my problems were vanishing and I am not on medication for bp, diabetes, and cholesterol. Then the twist happened. I ate chicken (roughly 100 gm with very less oil/salt). Exactly a week later, had an attack. 2 weeks later, ate some river fish (probably 250 gm cooked in very less oil/salt and the one not associated with high uric acid) and a week later had another attack. Then I stopped eating Non-vegetarian totally.

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How long for gout pain to go away?

Gout for 30 years getting worse

Looking forward to learning from other gout sufferers and sharing own experience in the ongoing battle against gout.

I`ve probably had the condition for about 25 – 30 years. In the early years it would come and go but more recently has had a more crippling effect and seems to have set up camp permanently which has driven me to look for solutions.

Have been experimenting with different foodstuffs but nothing seems definitive. Stopped drinking beer or any alcohol for the past month or so and this seems to have reduced the severity of the gout but it`s still there, in particular, the left knee. At the same time have been taking Montmorency cherry juice at night along with one 200mg Ibuprofen. I assume it’s the Ibuprofen that gives a pain-free sleep. I remain to be convinced about the cherry juice. But I feel a sensation in my knee which I never felt before(could it be the uric acid crystals breaking up). During the day plenty of fluid is taken, in particular, water and am also drinking Nettle tea which I have read is good for clearing the kidneys, and that makes sense, as, from what I have read gout may clog up the kidneys.

I seem to be on the right track as previously had developed a permanent limp due to the severity of gout. Can now walk without a limp and with much ease but gout remains but not as it was. Past couple of days seems to have been a retrograde step as could feel the pain increasing but not to the extent it was and not crippling. Diet consisted of Pasta, Tomatoes, Bread Products, Potatoes, Low Fat Milk, Bananas, Rice Krispies, Nectarine, Orange, Butter, Water, Tea, Cranberry Sauce, Cakes, Chocolate, Crisps. Have to assume it was either one or a combination of those.

The battle continues.

How long for gout pain to go away?

How long does gout last?

Allopurinol 300 mg Image

Is 300mg Allopurinol Dose best for Gout?

For Keith Taylor sorry I have took on board what you said and started a new topic which I hope you respond to. I just have so many questions about gout I end up babbling on

I did say in the last thread that the doctor talked about my recent blood test results and said my liver and kidney function creatine etc..was in her words “excellent” so she said she had no worries over increasing to 300mg and would get another blood test done after several months to carry on monitoring everything.

Initially I was weary but I take a few days to come round to things. I am willing to try the 300mg as fed up of my life being on hold.thats why I was alarmed that others seem concerned when previously higher doses of Allopurinol have been defended.

I did request a gout plan filled in a form not sure if it all went through okay. Please understand I am a worrier and take everything said to me to heart so I stressed over the fact that maybe I should not take 300mg etc…after coming round to it. It is jyst very confusing and I apologise.

Uric acid crystal dispersment - where can they go?

Gout pain finally gone, but swelling persists

This popular topic answers some individual questions about persistent gout pain. So I urge you to read BigAl’s question and replies below. Because they give a good insight into different aspects of lingering gout pain control. But first, you should read some relevant gout facts. Then you can add to this discussion with your own questions, experiences, and opinions.

Gout swelling won’t go away.
See Heat Or Ice For Gout Relief. Because this compares two ways to reduce gout swelling.
Gout pain gone but still swollen.
See 3 Unusual Signs Of Gout. Because this looks at unusual aspects of swollen joints.
How long for gout swelling to go down?
How long does gout flare up last? Because this explains the factors that affect how long for gout swelling to go down.

Original question follows…

Hi, all.

I’m 37 and had my first attack 7! Years ago and when to a&e thinking I’d broke my toe as and whacked it running up the steps the night before. Was told it was gout and given a course of colchicine.

Three years after that I had another attack after a stag weekend (I knew the trigger).

Both these in my left toe.

Now a further 3-4 years on I have my 3rd after another stag do (I should really give these stag parties a miss)

Anyway, I went to the docs who tested my blood and I was .401 which she said I was just over the normal range. Before placing me on allopurinol she wanted me to lose 2stn (I’m just into the obese category with a BMI of 31) and increase my water intake as I’m usually just tea and coffee.

Anyway, that’s my history. My first attacks in my left foot went after a week or two and that foot is I would say 100% normal. This 3rd attack which is the 1st in my right foot has gone pain wise… it took about a month but some gout swelling and redness persists which is holding me back in terms of exercise.

Does it normally take so long to go? What can I do to assist it along?

I’m also drinking black cherry juice to help with my levels of uric acid.


Uric acid crystal dispersment - where can they go?

Gouty swelling in left toe even after gout pain has gone

Gout Pain Relief Patches

Pain relieving patches for Gout

I’m a 63-year-old male who’s had gout for 15 years.

In my case, Predisone or MethylPREDNIsolone gets rid of the pain and swelling in 6-8 hours depending on when You catch it. Long-term predisone I know is not the answer.

I’ve become a vegetarian and drink beer. My outbreaks are not severe anymore. I steam veggies then add tomato sauce on them.

On most recent flare up which of course happens during the night I applied a pain relieving patch on my big toe joint and 2 hours later I could walk pain free. Before I would use Acetaminophen for pain but it can cause damage to your liver if you overuse it. So now I use the patches. It says for minor aches and pain relief. The patches are used primarily for the shoulders, upper and lower back. But I cut mine down to fit my toe.

There’s no pain but the uric acid crystals are still in the joint and depending on what activities you do there could be some swelling throughout the day. The patches last for 8 hours and is basically a pain relieving ointment on a breathable cloth. People on blood thinners like myself cannot by certain patches because one of the ingredients is a NSAID But there are other brands without that ingredient so read the drug facts!!

Gout Pain Relief Patches

Which are the best patches for relieving your gout pain?

Feburic-20-40-80 photo

Feburic, gout and protein powder questions

This is going to be a long post. So please bear with me.

I am a 29 year old male from India. I have recently been diagnosed with elevated uric acid levels in my body.

I am an eggitarian(eat about 2 eggs per week) and I take protein supplement everyday(1 serving of Protinex – about 9g of protein per day) and it is SoyProtein. I doubled my protein intake for 3 months last year(about 24g of protein per day) because I felt weak and I had protein deficiency previously. In early January 2017 I noticed pain in my toes during the night when I tried to sleep. I noticed that everytime I had an omlett afterwards the pain seemed to return. And it started happening more frequently later on. On the pain scale I would say a pain of about 6 for 10 mins. Usually it went away on it’s own after sometime. But since the frequency increased I knew that my excessive Protein intake might be a culprit and I visited a doctor on Feb 20th, 2017 and the Uric acid blood test showed 7 mg/dl. I was told that my Uric acid levels are higher than normal and I have to take medication for that. I was put on feburic 40 mg for 6 weeks. I asked my doctor if I can continue taking Protein supplement and he said that it could be taken without any issues. Now I reduced my dosage 6-7g of Protein per day. And on April 1st,2017 I had my second Uric Acid test and the result showed 4.0 mg/dl. I was happy with the Uric Acid level reduced to an extent but my doctor said that I have to continue for another 2 months and he was anticipating my Uric Acid to be less than 2.0 mg/dl with the dosage prescribed. However I had a lot of issues when I was taking the feburic 40 mg medication – suffered from sleeplessness throughout my dosage and initially for the first week I suffered shortness of breath as well. Because of these effects I wasn’t able to concentrate on work and had to stay home for 3 weeks. I have a few questions on the Uric Acid level.

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