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Naturopathy and Gout. Will vegetarian diet help?

I was an ambitious/sensitive/hardworking/anxiety prone/perfection seeking individual. All these lead to chronic health issues high blood pressure and diabetes by 30 (10 years back). on medications for few years also ended up having cholesterol and thyroid problems. so decided to go for naturopathy instead of standard medicines.

I first had my gout attack in 2007. Until last year(June 2016), I used to have occasional gout attacks 1/2 or max 3 times a year. Till date, maximum reading of uric acid is 7.3(Over 50+ tests in 10 years). Due to some stresses, attacks became frequent, once a month kind of from June 2016 until April/May 2017. I could not tolerate and went to my doctor and he suggested allopurinol/febuxostat. I was somehow not keen on using the medicine as I already had enough.

Started with Naturopathy treatment from September 2017… sprouts+fruits as breakfast and low cal veg food with 0 salt, 0 oil. All my problems were vanishing and I am not on medication for bp, diabetes, and cholesterol. Then the twist happened. I ate chicken (roughly 100 gm with very less oil/salt). Exactly a week later, had an attack. 2 weeks later, ate some river fish (probably 250 gm cooked in very less oil/salt and the one not associated with high uric acid) and a week later had another attack. Then I stopped eating Non-vegetarian totally.

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Adenuric 40mg (febuxostat)

What is the best febuxostat dose for gout?

How often does one need to take febuxostat if on a 40mg?

I have had gout attacks for a few times and taking allopurinol did not work for years on a 300mg.

I took the 40mg febuxostat just in 3 days the pain in my foot has greatly subsided. My UA is about 7+-8+. How many do I need to take? One in the morning and one in the night?

Adenuric 40mg (febuxostat)

Is Adenuric 40mg (febuxostat) available in UK?

Adenuric 40mg (febuxostat)

Uric Acid Kidney Stone: Will allopurinol help?


2 years ago I have been diagnosed with a Uric Acid type kidney stone. Then the doctor asked me to take 300mg Dosage of Allopurinol. Because my uric acid went above 10.

After 1 year I have been diagnostic again with a uric acid kidney stone. Even though I’m still taking this medicine.

So, I had to have another surgery to remove them. And in both cases, I didn’t have any gout attack. Also in both cases, after taking the medicine the uric acid stays between 3.9-4.4

Later I went to check this issue in Germany. But the doctor there told me to substitute the medicine with another one called Aden uric ( febuxostat ) 80mg. Because as he said it’s better than allopurinol.

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