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Time to Dissolve Uric Acid Crystals media

Gout flares at a low urate level – How long?

Much of what I have read here reinforces my own experiences.

I have my own blood urate level tester which seems to be reasonably accurate (+/- 20%) when compared with hospital analyses.

I had suffered little gout over a year and was careless about regularly taking allopurinol.

After a nasty flare-up, I found my urate level was around 7.5 mg/dl. My allopurinol dose was increased from 200 mg to 400 mg/day. In 3 months the urate level was down to 5 mg/dl and has fallen a little further since. However, I have recently had some severe and painful flare-ups.

My doctor was surprised but I have read on this site that attacks can continue for up to two years even with low/safe urate levels. Is that other people’s experience?

12 Foods for Diabetes and Gout list

Food suitable for gout and diabetes

I’ve just read an interesting summary of 12 foods for diabetes sufferers that sparked some ideas for me. Because my wife has diabetes. So it would be nice to find foods that are good for both of us. Also, I know many gout sufferers also have diabetes.

12 Proven Foods Essential For Every Type 2 Diabetes Diet

I like information from this website because it is always well researched. However, it has 80 references for me to check for gout. So, it will be some time before I complete a full review. Therefore, I will summarize the 12 foods for now:

1. Almonds and other high magnesium foods.
If your magnesium level is low, increasing it might improve blood sugar control.
2. Cocoa.
Cocoa can improve insulin resistance. So, switch up to 85% dark chocolate or higher. (I buy it cos I love the taste!)
3. Coffee.
Drinking coffee is linked with lower risk of diabetes.
We also know that coffee lowers uric acid.
4. Green Coffee.
Actually chlorogenic acid, found in green coffee,
can restrict glucose being absorbed into the bloodstream.
5. Green Tea.
Green tea drinkers are between 18 and 42% less likely to suffer from diabetes. So, I must check and update my green tea and gout reasearch.
6. Apple Cider Vinegar.
I have serious doubts that ACV helps gout sufferers. But, it might improve glucose metabolism for diabetes sufferers.
7. Resistant Starches
I’ve never heard of resistant starch before.
But it can improve insulin sensitivity. Thus lowering blood sugar levels after meals.
8. Yacon Syrup
Yacon syrup may improve insulin resistance.
9. Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek seeds increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar control.
10. Cinnamon
Cinnamon slows glucose absorption into the blood stream. Also, it improves insulin effectiveness. Gout sufferers already know about Cinnamon as a Gout Home Remedy.
11. Stevia
Stevia, a sweetner from plants, lowers blood sugar and has other benefits for diabetics. Incidentally, gout sufferers have asked about stevia in the forums. But, I have never found anything other than anecdotal evidence that stevia lowers uric acid.
12. Honey
Honey might be better than ordinary sugar (sucrose). So diabetics might benefit from honey as a sugar replacement. But they should not add sugar to their diet for it’s own sake. Unfortunately for gout sufferers:

honey increased … uric acid by 12%

Al-Waili, Noori S. “Effects of daily consumption of honey solution on hematological indices and blood levels of minerals and enzymes in normal individuals.” Journal of medicinal food 6.2 (2003): 135-140.

12 Foods for Diabetes and Gout list

Which diabetes foods are good for gout?

Gout Diabetes, and Allopurinol
Finally, I also spotted some relevant gout and diabetes research from earlier this year. So, I’ll be incorporating that in my reviews. But, if you want a quick look now, I’ve added it to Gout and Uric Acid PDFs for GoutPal Members (Allopurinol lowers Heart Disease Risk in Gout with Diabetes).

In my opinion, this is extremely interesting research. Because it links allopurinol with 33% reduction in heart attacks and stroke for people with gout and diabetes.

current allopurinol use was independently associated with a lower risk of incident stroke or MI [heart attack] in patients with gout and diabetes.

Singh, Jasvinder A., et al. “Allopurinol use and the risk of acute cardiovascular events in patients with gout and diabetes.” BMC cardiovascular disorders 17.1 (2017): 76.

Vitamin B12 Foods

Nutritional yeast flakes

I used to really enjoy these there basically a good source of B12 for vegetarians and vegans in the form of tasty cheese like flakes I just wondered though I know that you sometimes causes issues with uric acid but this is deactivated so would it still be ok to have I don’t feel like I should be exexcluding it in my diet. Thanks

Allopurinol 100 mg Tablets for Uric Acid Lowering

Allopurinol dosage and gout pain relief

I’ve been suffering from gout for 15 years. I have been on allopurinol and Uloric at different times in my life. I stopped using them because I did not like the idea of being on meds for extended amounts of time. I was supplementing with mega-doses of fish oil and watching my purine intakes through diet which had worked very well. Unfortunately, over the last year, I’ve started to flare-up almost weekly and have decided to get back on allopurinol. My doc prescribed 100mg twice a day. My uric acid levels are extremely high (10.3). It might be too early to tell since I just started taking the med today. But is this allopurinol dosage too low considering my long history of gout?

I’m also taking colchicine and celery seed extract. I am dreading the flare-ups during the initial allopurinol treatment. Has anyone had success with this combo?

Looking forward to some advice. Thank you.

Gout Diary photo

Gout Diary – Gary Cork

I have just got my lab results and I have a uric acid reading of 520. My doctor is putting me on 100 mg. Allopurinol and Colchicine (I do not know what mg of Colchicine as yet.
I am 73 years old and have had gout attacks (about 2 per year) for 30 years.
I live on a small island off of Canada’s Pacific coast.
I weigh about 170 # and exercise at a gym about 2 times per week.
I had a gout attack about 2 months ago in my left knee and treated it with 200mg ibuprofen and alfalfa tablets.
After reading articles in this forum I realise I had to take this seriously and so have had lab work done.
Since I have an above normal reading I may be able to get regular uric acid levels checked.
My diet is pretty good I think. I eat red meat possibly 2 times per week. I don’t drink beer and will occasionally have a glass of wine with dinner. I prefer to drink tonic water or ginger beer.
Hope this is enough to start my diary. If any other info is wanted please let me know.

Gout Diary photo

A Gout Diary is the best way to organize your personal gout facts.

Purine-free Beer for Gout

Purine-free Beer and gout

After many years of frustration with gout and having read all the great posts of many gout sufferers, I conclude with: You can drink all the beer you like as long as you dilute it with water before and after or alternating between sips….not the most enjoyable experience but it does allow you to have beer.

And now for purine-free beer… son came back from Japan and brought back a 6-pack of Kirin Tanrei Double Platinum beer. This beer and Asahi Style Free and Sapporo Goku Zero are all purine-free beers. And now the moment of truth. Consumed one who can of the Kirin. Normally gout flare up 8 hours -0ne day reaction. NADA..!! This beer tasted great and no gout flare-up. So a day later I had a 2nd beer. Also purine-free Kirin. No gout. So I am charged up. Kirin Tanrei Double Platinum purine-free no gout beer..!!

So I write to Kirin Corporate to ask if there is anyway I can buy this beer from Japan. Their highly intellectual answer….Sorry but due to various reasons we cannot sell this beer outside of Japan. All I want to do is buy some effen beer…!! No luck. So I have 4 cans of gold remaining which I will ration over the next 4 months. I find it incredible that Kirin will not distribute this beer in the USA. End of sad story…!!

Relapse Rates after Stopping Uric Acid Treatment chart

Review Is Allopurinol A Lifetime Drug

As I attempted to answer a question about allopurinol vacations today, I referred to Is Allopurinol A Lifetime Drug.

I believe this is an important principle for Gout Seekers. Because many gout sufferers veer away from uric acid therapy. I’ve had this myself. In the prime of your life, you see the specter of lifelong medication. Pictures of Grandad and his daily ritual of pills make you run for the hills.

Of course, that’s ridiculous when you stop to analyze it. But, I still remember the same fear of having to wear spectacles for life when I was a boy. These are real fears that produce Gout Victims.

And, the truth is, when you take control, you do not have to take gout medication for life. As long as you understand exactly how you can start and stop it so that you are in control.

In the report attached to “Is Allopurinol A Lifetime Drug” there are detailed criteria for managing uric acid therapy properly. I don’t think I represented those ideas very well in my original article.

So, if you think I should stop dragging my heels, add your comments below. Constructive criticism, or simple “get on with it” comments are all welcome.

Monitor your Gout Pain

Mild gout attack? What are mild gout symptoms?

Hello all, about a year and a half ago I had my first gout attack and since then I have had a further two attacks. All three were within 6 months of one another, in my ankles, and were excruciatingly painful. I haven’t had an attack in 12 months.

Yesterday I noticed a dull ache in my left ankle and today it has become more painful, I would describe it as being similar to the second or third day of an acute attack after the most severe pain has subsided.

Though this feels like gout it is different from my previous attacks, specifically in that I have not had the usual mind-blowing pain. So I am curious, is this likely gout? Can you have a ‘mild’ attack that doesn’t deliver the usual ‘glass in the joint’ pain that we all know?

It might seem a pointless question but any feedback would be appreciated.

Onion and Garlic for Gout

Onions and Garlic for Gout Dieters

There’s an update to GoutPal’s gout and onions page. It’s a new report about a natural compound found in many plants. And, especially in onions.

GoutPal Dieters know that they have a healthy diet. And, they want to tweak that healthy diet to lower uric acid nearer to their safe target. So, onions should be able to help, if managed properly.

Researchers claim:

Daily supplementation of 500 mg quercetin, containing the bioavailable amount of quercetin as present in approximately 100 g red onions, for 4 weeks, significantly reduces elevated plasma uric acid concentrations in healthy males.

Therefore, I should update the gout and onions page. Personally, I think it’s best to review quercetin in wider terms. But, I’d prefer to see what GoutPal Dieters think, before I make any changes. I haven’t done a comprehensive search of related pages yet. But, I feel I should review Tomatoes And Gout, at the same time.

If this is important to you, please do the usual, and mark this topic as one of your Favorites. If you really want me to work on this idea, you need to explain why. Please add your thoughts as a reply, below.

Do you have questions, experiences, or opinions about quercetin, onions, and gout? Please share them below.