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Paradoxical Results – Febuxostat

@nobody – hope your well. Being on Febuxostat longer then me your experience may help. My blood results have come back and the hemoglobin has recovered slightly so things seem ‘reasonably stable’. The one result that baffled me and the rheumatologist for that matter is the uric acid level climbed up to 512ummol which is almost as much as it was when I was taking 20mgs. So going by the numbers we have:

20mgs – 514ummol
30mgs – 491ummol
40mgs – 487ummol (blood test mid Jan)
40mgs – 512ummol (blood test end Jan)

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Why do you buy a Uric Acid Meter?

Gout with normal uric acid levels?

I’m new to this forum.

I was diagnosed with gout in 2014 by a podiatrist after getting an x-ray during what appeared to be an acute gout attack. The pain in my big toe was so intense I was unable to walk without crutches for a couple of weeks even on painkillers. I started taking whey protein several months before the attack and noticed I could not stand for long periods of time without my hips and feet getting sore. I put off going to the doctor until I had that attack.

Now other joints seem to be affected, my right thumb, and right hip. My hands sometimes get real stiff in the morning. I decided to get a uric acid monitor to see just how much uric acid I’m dealing with. I’m pretty sure I’m pricking myself correctly but the uric acid was at or below 3 mg/dl the two times I tested so far.

Is it possible to have gout without the hyperuricemia? Or are the crystals going straight to my joints for whatever reason?

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Naturopathy and Gout. Will vegetarian diet help?

I was an ambitious/sensitive/hardworking/anxiety prone/perfection seeking individual. All these lead to chronic health issues high blood pressure and diabetes by 30 (10 years back). on medications for few years also ended up having cholesterol and thyroid problems. so decided to go for naturopathy instead of standard medicines.

I first had my gout attack in 2007. Until last year(June 2016), I used to have occasional gout attacks 1/2 or max 3 times a year. Till date, maximum reading of uric acid is 7.3(Over 50+ tests in 10 years). Due to some stresses, attacks became frequent, once a month kind of from June 2016 until April/May 2017. I could not tolerate and went to my doctor and he suggested allopurinol/febuxostat. I was somehow not keen on using the medicine as I already had enough.

Started with Naturopathy treatment from September 2017… sprouts+fruits as breakfast and low cal veg food with 0 salt, 0 oil. All my problems were vanishing and I am not on medication for bp, diabetes, and cholesterol. Then the twist happened. I ate chicken (roughly 100 gm with very less oil/salt). Exactly a week later, had an attack. 2 weeks later, ate some river fish (probably 250 gm cooked in very less oil/salt and the one not associated with high uric acid) and a week later had another attack. Then I stopped eating Non-vegetarian totally.

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Is 300mg Allopurinol Dose best for Gout?

For Keith Taylor sorry I have took on board what you said and started a new topic which I hope you respond to. I just have so many questions about gout I end up babbling on

I did say in the last thread that the doctor talked about my recent blood test results and said my liver and kidney function creatine etc..was in her words “excellent” so she said she had no worries over increasing to 300mg and would get another blood test done after several months to carry on monitoring everything.

Initially I was weary but I take a few days to come round to things. I am willing to try the 300mg as fed up of my life being on hold.thats why I was alarmed that others seem concerned when previously higher doses of Allopurinol have been defended.

I did request a gout plan filled in a form not sure if it all went through okay. Please understand I am a worrier and take everything said to me to heart so I stressed over the fact that maybe I should not take 300mg etc…after coming round to it. It is jyst very confusing and I apologise.

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Feburic, gout and protein powder questions

This is going to be a long post. So please bear with me.

I am a 29 year old male from India. I have recently been diagnosed with elevated uric acid levels in my body.

I am an eggitarian(eat about 2 eggs per week) and I take protein supplement everyday(1 serving of Protinex – about 9g of protein per day) and it is SoyProtein. I doubled my protein intake for 3 months last year(about 24g of protein per day) because I felt weak and I had protein deficiency previously. In early January 2017 I noticed pain in my toes during the night when I tried to sleep. I noticed that everytime I had an omlett afterwards the pain seemed to return. And it started happening more frequently later on. On the pain scale I would say a pain of about 6 for 10 mins. Usually it went away on it’s own after sometime. But since the frequency increased I knew that my excessive Protein intake might be a culprit and I visited a doctor on Feb 20th, 2017 and the Uric acid blood test showed 7 mg/dl. I was told that my Uric acid levels are higher than normal and I have to take medication for that. I was put on feburic 40 mg for 6 weeks. I asked my doctor if I can continue taking Protein supplement and he said that it could be taken without any issues. Now I reduced my dosage 6-7g of Protein per day. And on April 1st,2017 I had my second Uric Acid test and the result showed 4.0 mg/dl. I was happy with the Uric Acid level reduced to an extent but my doctor said that I have to continue for another 2 months and he was anticipating my Uric Acid to be less than 2.0 mg/dl with the dosage prescribed. However I had a lot of issues when I was taking the feburic 40 mg medication – suffered from sleeplessness throughout my dosage and initially for the first week I suffered shortness of breath as well. Because of these effects I wasn’t able to concentrate on work and had to stay home for 3 weeks. I have a few questions on the Uric Acid level.

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Gout Triggers: What Triggers my Gout Attacks?

Hey Keith et al., do we know of a list of potential triggers?
I’ve been so careful about eating and brought my uric acid down to 4.9 (from 6.4) within 6 weeks. Now it’s been 8 weeks and I was awake with the pain I originally had 8 weeks ago. All I can think of that I’ve had in the last week is a serving or two of “no sugar added” ice cream or quite possibly one serving of wheat pasta with vodka sauce, and a LOT of black beans and quinoa which I don’t think would do this. Then I’ve seen other posts on the Internet which indicate black beans are actually triggering gout attacks?!
Daily diet for the last week:
1/2 c. all bran buds w/ skim OR 1 tofu-based protein bar
1 banana
salad with ACV only, no dressing
1 veggie – cucumber/pepper/carrots etc.
2 squares of 90% dark chocolate
cherry juice, lots!
quinoa with corn/black beans/veggies in coconut oil
fresh fruit portion
greek yogurt

Prior to this I ate complete junk and drank lots of IPA. 🙂 So I have completely transformed my eating but haven’t seen much of an effect. Still on 100 mg allopurinol and don’t want to increase as I have a very annoying side effect where my limbs have major pins/needles/pain and I can’t sleep. For those on allopurinol 200 mg, do you take one pill in AM and one in PM, or together?

Does gout make your feet sore like running a marathon?

Painful feet! Is it Gouty Arthritis?

Painful feet and gout.

I’m not sure if I have gout but I know I cannot continue in pain any longer. I have painful feet – it feels like I’ve got broken glass inside my feet – its the tops of my feet and toes as well as my ankles that hurt when I walk or stand. My feet also hurt at night in bed if one foot is on top of the other. X-rays reveal arthritis and blood test shows slightly elevated Uric acid levels. GP says I should try to reduce foods with purines as he does not want to prescribe any Meds to reduce the Uric acid at this stage. He also told me to lose weight(I’m overweight). He has prescribed a natural product called Piascledine (soya and Avocado extract)for arthritis, which I have been taking for 5 weeks with no improvement. I take anti-inflammatories twice daily, but nothing seems to help. I discovered this site and thought that perhaps I have gout or gouty arthritis and was hoping that I could find a way to ease the constant pain. I would appreciate any input and advise.

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Painful feet and gout feel like running a marathon

Does gout make your feet sore like running a marathon?

Adenuric 40mg (febuxostat)

Uric Acid Kidney Stone: Will allopurinol help?


2 years ago I have been diagnosed with a Uric Acid type kidney stone. Then the doctor asked me to take 300mg Dosage of Allopurinol. Because my uric acid went above 10.

After 1 year I have been diagnostic again with a uric acid kidney stone. Even though I’m still taking this medicine.

So, I had to have another surgery to remove them. And in both cases, I didn’t have any gout attack. Also in both cases, after taking the medicine the uric acid stays between 3.9-4.4

Later I went to check this issue in Germany. But the doctor there told me to substitute the medicine with another one called Aden uric ( febuxostat ) 80mg. Because as he said it’s better than allopurinol.

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