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Bedridden 7+ Weeks with Gout

7+ weeks Gout Flare keeps me in Bed

Hey ladies and gentlemen. I’ve had a very bad gout flare up since May 25th and I have been stuck in bed since. Being bed bound, I lost all my muscles on my legs. I went to the ER on June 1st, and the doctors just gave me a prescription for naproxen which I already have. I was hoping the doctor would write me a prescription for some colchicine. But because I’m on medi-cal, the doctors treat me like crap.

I have been taking illegal prednisone shipped from Mexico. But it only masks the problem. I took prednisone for a whole month, and it did not help. It made me sicker. I’m still taking naproxen, but today I can still barely walk without crutches.

I’ve lost 4 jobs already, and I’m only 30 yrs old.

Any help will greatly be appreciated. Thanks.

Bedridden 7+ Weeks with Gout

Bedridden 7+ Weeks with Gout

What causes changes in Uric Acid?

Confusing Uric Acid Levels

Hi, I’m a first time gout sufferer and as of right now am totally confused by my Uric Acid results. I had a physical last Aug and normal results (5.8) and that was the day after a VERY heavy drinking weekend. Below is what has me confused.

Aug 28: 5.8
(Physical done the day after the Mayweather fight and I literally had 1/2 bottle of whiskey and 1/2 bottle of vodka and god knows how many wings)

June 18: 6.1
(This was DURING my first Gout Attack and had to get a shot in my toe. Hadn’t drank for 2 weeks prior and was working out every day)

June 28: 5.4
(This was my GP double checking levels after the clinic had done my shot)

July 23: 7.2 !!
(This was taken yesterday. I had a normal weekend where I did eat meat and drank MILDLY but nothing out of the normal. I was on a plane for a couple hrs though)

I have appointments for rheumatologists but that’s a month away. My GP wants me to start on allopurinol already. Any idea why the whipsaw UA levels which still seem low compared to others I’ve seen on this site?? Thank you for the advice!!

What causes changes in Uric Acid?

What causes changes in Uric Acid?

Time to Dissolve Uric Acid Crystals media

Gout flares at a low urate level – How long?

Much of what I have read here reinforces my own experiences.

I have my own blood urate level tester which seems to be reasonably accurate (+/- 20%) when compared with hospital analyses.

I had suffered little gout over a year and was careless about regularly taking allopurinol.

After a nasty flare-up, I found my urate level was around 7.5 mg/dl. My allopurinol dose was increased from 200 mg to 400 mg/day. In 3 months the urate level was down to 5 mg/dl and has fallen a little further since. However, I have recently had some severe and painful flare-ups.

My doctor was surprised but I have read on this site that attacks can continue for up to two years even with low/safe urate levels. Is that other people’s experience?

Purine-free Beer for Gout

Allopurinol and beer


I just went through my worst gout attack ever. My knee got so inflamed that I actually had to go to the emergency room to get 60 cc of joint fluid drained. The doctor had me on Prednisone for a few weeks, and now I’ve been on Colchicine for a week. He just filled a 100 mg prescription of Allopurinol that I’m going to start tonight.

During this time I haven’t had any alcohol, coffee or sugary drinks. Also, I’ve done my best to avoid any sugary sweets (candy).

It has been over a month, and I would really like to have a beer. My doctor recommended sticking with wine, which is fine. But with the warm weather coming, I’d like to be able to enjoy an ice-cold beer or two.

My question is, with Allopurinol, is this safe? Also, if I refrain from the other items I mentioned, would it be ok/wise to have to go back to drinking beer? If not, is there any other option other than wine?

As well as allopurinol and beer, this topic also discusses Does CBD help gout?

Inflammation Graph image

Gout Attack Severity and Duration with Epsom Salt

Hello, good to see these boards have become very active recently. So much information flying about, poor doctors have to deal with our extensive knowledge when they see us now 🙂

One thing I’d like to ask the community is gout flare period and severity.

I started 100 mg of allopurinol in mid December which dropped UA levels from 600 to 555, in mid January my rheumatologist increased this to 200mgs and in mid March UA dropped to 388. He then increased the dose to 300mgs and one week later I got (and still have) a really painful gout flare. Now I’m putting this down to dissolving crystals etc. It’s just that we are in the first week of April and the attack has been going on for 12 days. The pain gets better some days and worse other days but in most cases it’s excruciating whilst walking and at night. I’ve stopped taking Naproxen because it wasn’t helping too much and as far as I know taking it for too long isn’t ideal (10 days +)

I mean if this is what the pain is like now and I assume at least another week for recovery after the pain ‘begins’ to subside!

My question here is how long can attacks take? Has anyone suffered attacks this long?

I’ve got the blood forms to check my UA levels ready and can have them done tomorrow but from what I understand you can’t do a blood test during an attack because the numbers will be wrong / inconsistent. Is this actually true?

I’m sure or at least hoping my UA levels would be below 388 since that’s what they were at 200mgs and now I’m taking 300mgs?

I’m worried this attack will never end and this pain is dissolving and crystallising again! I’m not sure what to do? Can it be an allergy? I was fine on 200mgs.


Will Epsom Salt Reduce Length of Gout Attack?

Will Epsom Salt Reduce Length of Gout Attack?

Shoulder Gout Pain and Allopurinol

Joint stiffness with Allopurinol

Hi everyone,

My doctor switched me from Febuxostat to Allopurinol since I started experiencing insomnia when I took febuxostat for 1 month. I started Allopurinol just yesterday and I had very stiff left shoulder and elbow joints on my left side when I woke up today. I just ignored it and took the dose today but as the day progressed my right shoulder and elbow joints also got quite stiff and it seems that my stiffness is affecting my spine also now. from what I read many people take allopurinol for long term without any serious side effects but I am having achy joints on the second day itself. Would it go away gradually or should I revert back to febuxostat and search for solutions for my insomnia. ALso which medicine has adverse side effects when taken in long term. I am just 29 now and I am already struggling with terrible left knee after 3 surgeries on that one and now this gout diagnosis is preventing me from attending my office regularly. Please suggest how do I deal with this.

Gout In Back Image

Uric Acid and Back Pain

Following Joanne’s comment on Uric Acid Back Pain: The Heavy Load Of Gout, that page is now flagged for review.

Joanne says:

Back Pain
Lower back pain feels like a large lump at base of my spine and a lump on top of my spine .. got high levels of uric acid in my blood … had both knees replaced due to osteo atheritis any my doctor says i have gout ..but hands and feet ok .no pain

Have you ever had back pain with high uric acid levels? ❓
Did you get diagnosed with gout, osteoarthritis, or a different form of arthritis? ❓

Itching Photo

Allopurinol itching and skin rash

I don’t know if its coincidence or not. I started on the colgout tablet then the allopurinol tablet. 100 mg for a week 200 mg for a week and 300 mg. Then dropped off the colgout. I developed a small rash below my belly button. I used caneston cream as I can get a heat rash in this warm weather and with been a cleaner am prone to heat rashes. I have been off the tablets now for 5 days. Went to doctor yesterday I am back on colgout for 2 weeks then will start the allopurinol again to see if that is causing the rash. Any ideas?

Itching Photo

Baking Soda is Bad for Gout

Gout Relief from Baking Soda

[feedback from Natural Remedy For Gout]

As I have gotten older, I develop more indigestion and started taking an old remedy of baking soda in water, about 1 tsp to 6 ounces. This works wonders when lying down for the night.

As I developed gout, right big toe, I stumbled onto the miracle that my gout pain subsided when I took the baking soda for my indigestion. I don’t even need to see the doctor anymore for this.

I have not suffered in a couple of years now, and I just know it’s the maintenance of the baking soda.

Sure hope I don’t create other problems by this method, but for now, I am good to go at 60.