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Thanks for Your Donation

I provide most gout support services without charge. But it’s nice for me to get donations that help with website running costs. So this page has links for donations to GoutPal. Also, it serves as a thanks page after you make your donation.

Thanks for Your Donation

After you have made a donation, you will be returned here.

Thank you very much for your donation. Your gift makes it easier for me to keep providing free support to gout sufferers.

Please note that I do not issue donation notifications, as your receipt is automatically emailed to you by the donation system. Also, you can log in to the donation system to view details of your payment(s). But if you wish to discuss your donation with me, you can do so at either of these contact links:

More Donation Choices

If you wish to encourage others to donate, please share this $US link. Or use these handy buttons:

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Thank You from GoutPal

Thank You from Keith at GoutPal

Other Countries Donations

Please let me know if you would like additional buttons for other countries using a contact link shown above.