Stopping Gout Together

Stopping gout by yourself is very hard.

You can study the gout guidelines, but how do you know which are important to you, and which you can safely ignore? How do you know which are the most effective gout treatments? How do yo know if your diet is making your gout better or worse?

I always recommend that you work with your doctor to answer these questions.

But, what if you are not sure what you should ask your doctor? What if you don’t understand what your doctor says to you about gout?

That is the whole point of the GoutPal Network. You, me, and other gout sufferers work together to stop your gout. I provide you with a place to record your important gout facts. You decide what is important to you, and what you want to avoid. Together we produce your personal gout management plans.

Gout management has to be personal. Your symptoms, and your reactions to them are unique to you. Your attitude to gout treatments and the doses you need are unique to you. Your dietary needs, and foods that you love or hate are unique to you. Therefore, we can work together to create your own plans for gout diagnosis, gout treatment, and gout diet. You might need many small plans, or just one big one. You decide what you want. Our gout community helps you decide what you need, and helps you achieve your goals.

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Does Cider Cause Gout?

Gout sufferers who ask “Does Cider Cause Gout?” need to understand more about gout, diet in general, and alcohol in particular.

Because several studies have linked alcohol with gout, there is a tendency for knee-jerk reactions. Some people argue that you should stop alcohol completely. Even more people search for a drink that is good for gout. Both these are wrong.

If you are putting too high a priority on alcohol, you need to worry about that, and the effects on your general health, not just your gout. Excess alcohol leads to health problems besides gout. It can also make gout worse, but moderate drinking should have little or no effect.

My general guidelines give an overview of alcohol and gout. If you have personal issues with cider, or with any other form of alcohol, then I can provide individual advice in my gout network. Just click the gout and cider discussion above, and add your questions, experiences, or opinions.

In that discussion, I stated:

The only way to determine if one drink is better than another is to test your uric acid. Stick to one drink for at least two weeks, test your uric acid, then switch to a different drink. Retest after at least 2 weeks, then repeat as often as it takes to get reliable results.

If you decide to test your cider intake, or other beverage, in that way, please share your results by adding a comment in the Does Cider Cause Gout discussion.

Network with GoutPal

Keith Taylor‘s GoutPal is the world’s top gout site.

This website used to contain GoutPal’s Gout Store. I have transferred the store to my main gout site, and I use this website to promote my gout network.

GoutPal’s Gout Network

On, I present guidelines that help you manage every aspect of gout. These are general guidelines that apply to all sufferers. However, gout has to be managed on an individual basis. For that reason, I introduced my gout forum back in 2006. That continues to help thousands of gout sufferers every day.

Times move on, and we are now in the age of social networking. This makes gout support even easier for me, and more personal for you. We can get to know each other in more depth than with a traditional forum. There is still a place for forums, but my gout network is the gateway to even more support services.

If you want to network with GoutPal, the easiest way is through GoutPal on Google+, or at GoutPal Interactive.

Here are some reasons for wanting to network:

  • You want to discuss the best way to treat gout
  • You want to know the best sources for gout products
  • You want Keith Taylor to help you promote products and services that help gout sufferers

Leave Network with GoutPal to browse GoutPal’s Gout Network