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GoutPal Log In Help

It’s very easy to log in to GoutPal. Simply click one of the network buttons at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

Please note that you only need to log-in to contribute to the gout forum. If you only want to read other people’s gout discussions, there is no need to log-in.

I have selected the most popular networks. I will describe these now, then I’ll tell you about other networks that can be made available to you. If you ever have difficulty logging in, you can get help by clicking the orange Gout Help button, or raise a ticket in my Gout Helpdesk.

Current GoutPal Networks

Use any of these networks to log in to GoutPal. The networks pass your email address to GoutPal, and might also pass your profile picture. No password information is passed, and so your network security is assured.

GoutPal with Amazon

GoutPal with Amazon icon

Log in example for Amazon. Click for real log in form.

Amazon is a very popular resource for gout sufferers. Many GoutPal members buy books and herbal gout medicines from Amazon.

It’s probably not worth opening an Amazon account just to log in to GoutPal, but if you already have one, it’s a safe, convenient option.

GoutPal with Facebook

GoutPal with Facebook icon

Log in example for Facebook. Click for real log in form.

Facebook is a great place to chat about gout. There are many active gout support pages, including GoutPal’s Gout Chatroom.

Of course, the best place for gout support is in my gout forums, but Facebook provides a useful place for simple gout discussions.

GoutPal with Google

GoutPal with Google icon

Log in example for Google. Click for real log in form.

Google offer a large range of online services that help gout sufferers. Search is the obvious first option, and you probably have a Google account to personalize that. Other useful services include email, and Calendar, which is perfect for planning your gout appointments.

Google are beginning to challenge Facebook, with their Google+ service. I use it for my GoutPal Circles. I wouldn’t be without Google Docs, which replaces Microsoft Office for me.

If you do not yet use any of the networks listed here, I highly recommend opening a Google account.

GoutPal with OpenID

GoutPal with OpenID icon

Log in example for OpenID. Click for real log in form.

OpenID isn’t a network, it’s a standard way of allowing networks to authorize log-ins to other networks.

As a general standard, there are thousands of networks that allow shared log-ins by following the OpenID rules. Check with websites that you commonly use. If they use OpenID, then you can use that network to log in to GoutPal.

GoutPal with Twitter

GoutPal with Twitter icon

Log in example for Twitter. Click for real log in form.

Twitter is a great way to share information and news. Though often used for personal chats among friends, their are many services on Twitter that provide interesting snippets of information.

As well as my personal Twitter account, I occasionally Tweet as GoutPal. If you use Twitter, please follow @GoutPal.

GoutPal with YouTube

GoutPal with YouTube icon

Log in example for YouTube. Click for real log in form.

YouTube has many gout-related videos. Unfortunately, most are full of out-date information, or just plain wrong! However, they do give us great topics for discussion, so well worth the effort to watch and comment.

As YouTube is now a Google service, I find the YouTube button is great for logging-in with my Google credentials.

Potential GoutPal Networks

If my current networks are not to your taste, I can make more networks available. These include: Disqus; Foursquare; Instagram; LinkedIn; PayPal; Reddit; Windows Live; Yahoo; and many more.

Please add your suggestions for making logging easier in GoutPal’s Suggestion Box. There is a specific discussion about this at Improve GoutPal Log In Help. Of course, you need to be able to log in to do that. If you have any problems logging in, please tell me via the Gout Helpdesk. If you do have problems logging in, please explain exactly what the problem is. When you click the orange button, you can add a screenshot to your message. The screenshot allows my technical support team to see exactly what problem you are having.