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Log-in and Registration Help

GoutPal’s Log-in and Registration Help explains how to register and log-in for GoutPal.net. But note that you do not need to register unless you want to participate in forums, training courses, or related services. Because most of the information published on my websites is free-to-read for all visitors.

GoutPal Forum Alternative

Many gout patients do not want to join public help forums. So I put a feedback form near the end of every page. Then you can ask any question without logging in or registering. Also use it to share your opinions and experiences. Note that I might publish some feedback messages. Unless you mark your message “Private”. But I will never reveal your email address.

So only proceed with registration if you intend to participate in the gout forum. If you have already registered, this page tells you how to change password or cancel your membership.

GoutPal Forum Logging In

Please note that I offer 2 ways for logging in. So I will describe these below. Also, I explain how GoutPal membership is separate from mailing list notifications.

Your choices for registering and logging-in are Social or Username. Both of these methods give you exactly the same services. But the way you log in is different. Because Social uses the security systems of big networks to allow 1-Click log-in. Whereas Username requires you to register your account, then log-in with a password.

GoutPal Social Registration and Log-in

I prefer you to use one of the Social Networks to connect with my websites. Because it is easier and safer.

It’s safer because social networks have invested heavily in security procedures. So I can rely on their log-in procedures for easy access to my websites. Note that I do not get any personal information except for your name, email address, and profile picture. Because those networks just pass me a secure authorization token.

It’s easier because all you have to do is click the appropriate social network icon. Then you are logged in within seconds. More importantly, if it’s your first time, that button also registers you as a GoutPal member. So I strongly recommend you to ignore the registration form below and use one of these combined register/log-in buttons:

If you do not have an account with any of those networks, I recommend you click the Google icon. Because that will give you an opportunity to create a new Google account.

GoutPal Username Registration and Login

If you prefer, you can join my network using the old username and email approach. So to do that just complete the form below and you should get your acceptance email within minutes.

User Registration

Sorry. Registration is not allowed in this site.

If you have already registered, you can log-in using this form:

Login Here

GoutPal Member Password Control

If you ever forget your password, you can change it here. Also, I recommend that you change passwords regularly. Most importantly, you should never use the same password on different websites.

Reset your Password

Please enter your email. The password reset link will be provided in your email.

Cancel your GoutPal Membership

You do not need to cancel your membership because I routinely delete inactive accounts. Though I will usually warn you beforehand so that you get a chance to keep your membership for as long as you want.

So if you want to cancel, the easiest way is to stop logging-in. But if you want to definitely cancel your membership, please use the feedback form below.

Leave GoutPal’s Log-in Help to read more About GoutPal’s Gout Network.