Yogurt and Gout explains links between yogurt, gout, and uric acid. Specifically, I show how Greek yogurt can be good for gout. But only if you eat it in the right way.

Yogurt and Gout Audience

I wrote Yogurt and Gout for GoutPal Foodies. GoutPal Foodies are gout sufferers who want to eat better gout foods. But, they do not have a healthy eating plan. So, I explain how Greek Yogurt might help gout sufferers. But, only if you incorporate it into a healthy gout foundation diet.

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Yogurt and Gout

GoutPal Foodies get obsessed about individual foods. But, you should really think about Greek yogurt as part of a healthy gout diet. So, here are some facts about Greek yogurt for gout sufferers.

Is Yogurt Good for Gout?

Protein helps lower uric acid. So, as a rich source of protein, Greek yogurt is good for gout sufferers. Because it gives us protein without purines.

Yogurt and Uric Acid Research

There is an interesting mention of Greek yogurt in a summary of diet changes to lower uric acid[1]. Murray and colleagues prefer diet changes over uric acid lowering drugs. Because of low costs. In particular, they note:

Low-fat dairy appears to have a protective effect, and two milk proteins have been shown to reduce SUA levels in healthy individuals because they increase uric acid excretion. Several products, such as Greek yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese, are low in fat, are high in protein, and do not contain the same level of purines as found in meat and seafood.

Is Yogurt Bad for Gout?

We can see from the previous section that Greek yogurt should not be a problem for gout sufferers. But, there might be times when Greek yogurt is bad for your gout. Because many gout sufferers are overweight. So normal Greek yogurt might supply more calories than you need.

To explain, when you eat more than you need, your body creates more meat on you. So, for overweight gout sufferers, your own body is a bigger source of uric acid than the food you eat. Therefore, only eat Greek yogurt as part of a calorie-controlled food plan. Otherwise, excess calories from Greek yogurt can be bad for gout.

Greek Yogurt and Gout Recipe
Is this your perfect Greek Yogurt Recipe for Gout?

Yogurt & Gout Summary

Now, you can see that Greek yogurt is good for gout sufferers. So, as long as you do not exceed recommended fat and calorie intake, you should make the most of Greek yogurt as a good gout food. But, you do not have to limit it to breakfast time. Because, as well as a healthier alternative to normal yogurt, Greek versions often suit savory dishes well. In my featured image, I show Greek yogurt as a replacement for mayo in a chicken salad sandwich. As a gout sufferer, you might also consider replacing butter, or other spreads with Greek yogurt.

Your Gout and Yogurt

Do you want more help with your gout and yogurt in your diet? Ask about gout-friendly yogurt recipes in the gout forum.

Or, you can think about starting a Foundation Gout Diet. Because you need a healthy eating plan before you can adapt it for gout. So, it’s time for you to choose Mediterranean, DASH, or Alkaline Diet for your gout.

Greek Yogurt lowers uric acid.
But, overeating yogurt can make gout worse.

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Greek Yogurt and Gout References

  1. Murray, Sara D., Amisha Mehta, and Mikhail Kogan. “The Implementation of Dietary Approaches in Hyperuricemic Individuals: Alternatives to Drug Therapy to Decrease Serum Uric Acid.” Integrative Medicine 12.4 (2013): 35.

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TL;DR - Greek Yogurt and Gout with tasty secret recipe

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Greek Yogurt lowers uric acid.
But, overeating yogurt can make gout worse.