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1. Gout Forum 2017Help My Gout!
The friendliest gout forum. Because help with your uric acid level & painful joints must be personal. I'm the pal that cares about your gout. So, get personal gout help now.
2. Allopurinol 300 mg ImageIs 300mg Allopurinol Dose best for Gout?
Many doctors prescribe 300 mg allopurinol daily for gout. But will that allopurinol dose get your uric acid safe? See if 300mg allopurinol is good for gout.
3. Doctor's Gout ConsultationFebuxostat and Colchicine dosing
Low dose Uloric. Also poor dose colchicine. Then you get 3 days of gout pain when you can stop it in 3 hours!?! So, it’s no wonder people turn to ACV and baking powder.
4. This Page
You’re reading it now!
5. Malic Acid for Gout photoWill Malic Acid help my Gout?
Gout sufferers wanting to avoid meds, try to improve diet. So, will malic acid help your gout? Of course, there’s only one way to find out. So, get help with apples for gout now.
6. Non-alcoholic Beers photoGout and Non-alcoholic beer?
Is non-alcoholic beer a safe drink for gout sufferers? We worry about alcohol. But is beer still bad when alcohol is removed? Stay safe with beer and gout.
7. How Gout Medications Work mediaWhy colchicine if allopurinol and indomethacin are working fine?
Allopurinol is controlling my uric acid. Indocin stops my gout flares. Do I really need colchicine? Short answer – No! Read long answer to see why.
8. Is this the best fish with lower uric acid?Best fish with lower uric acid
What's the best fish with lower uric acid? I think any fish can be gout-safe. You just need the right recipes. Let's collect recipes for low uric acid fish.
9. Uric Acid by Diet Type chartWhat is the best Vegan Diet for Gout?
Do you think a vegan diet will prevent gout? Think again. Basic vegan diet is worst for gout. But also easy to make gout-friendly. Best vegan diet for gout!
10. Lingering Gout Pain in KneeLingering pain & weakness 6 weeks after gout flare
Had a major gout flare in my knee. Now I have lingering gout pain. Also, some swelling like a bruise and knee feels weak. Why is my gout lasting so long?

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