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GoutPal Gout Help Introduction

I started GoutPal to help me learn about my gout. Because I wanted to collect facts about the best ways to control uric acid. And avoid the misinformation from companies trying to sell fake cures.

Now, I've been free from the pain of gout for several years. But I made a few mistakes along the way. Also, I wasted some time as I tried to find "the best" way to end gout pain. Rather than taking swift action. So I want to help you find quick solutions to your gout problems.

I believe that the most important first step is to build a good relationship with a suitably qualified health professional. Then you can work together to create treatment plans that work for your unique circumstances. Because gout control has some principles that apply to everyone. But many of the details change from one sufferer to the next.

GoutPal 2021

Currently, I am changing the platform for GoutPal. So you will see a mix of old and new styles. But gradually, I will republish old pages in the new style.

More imporantly, I'm changing my gout forums to focus more on personalizing GoutPal for you. So I recommend you follow the Your GoutPal links below.

Latest Gout Blog

For the latest gouty arthritis facts, see the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

2020 Gout Blog

For earlier gout news see GoutPal 2020 Blog.

2020 GoutPal Home Page

For the previous version of this page see 2020 home page.

GoutPal Archives

See how GoutPal has changed since 2005 in the GoutPal Archives.

This is the easiest way for you to answer any gout question. Just type your question or concern into the Google Gout Search Engine.

Your GoutPal

I'm happy with my own gout control now. So I'm focused on making GoutPal the best place to help you. But to do that, I need your feedback.

This page is under review at GoutPal User Documentation Project. So you should join that project if you want access to:

  • Content improvements prior to publication
  • Research materials
  • Additional project notes, links, and files

Also, you can contribute to the research team if you wish. However, you can still have your say in the feedback section below. Because it is your questions, experiences, and opinions that drive GoutPal to be a better resource for all gout sufferers.

Leave GoutPal Gout Help Home Page to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

GoutPal Gout Help Home Page Comments

Please add your comments here. Or see more feedback options below.

Your feedback options are:

  1. Easy Gout Comments. Add comments above.
  2. Focused Gout Concerns. Create a new issue about any gout concern that you want to resolve. Or join an existing issue.
  3. General Gout Chat. Start a new discussion about any gout topic that interests you. Or join an existing discussion.
  4. Versatile Gout Annotations. Annotations allow you to personalize GoutPal pages to help you learn. But they also work as a feedback option. Especially if you use the Public Group, the GoutPal Links Subscriber Group, or a GoutPal Project Group. For more information, I recommend that you subscribe to my free newsletter.

If you are asking a question, it is best to:

  1. Search for that question in the GoutPal Search Engine first.
  2. Choose the most relevant result.
  3. Refer to that result as you ask your question.

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