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First Gout Attack! What can I eat? July 5, 2020First Gout Attack! What can I eat?

I am a very active 52 year-old woman of normal weight who had a gout attack on Monday night, July 29, 2019. I have taken nothing prescribed (Colchicine 0.6 mg cap and Indomethacin 25 mg caps) as I have been too afraid of the drugs. My biggest question is, am I harming myself ...

Onions and Garlic for Gout Dieters July 1, 2020Onions and Garlic for Gout Dieters

There’s an update to GoutPal’s gout and onions page. It’s a new report about a natural compound found in many plants. And, especially in onions. GoutPal Dieters know that they have a healthy diet. And, they want to tweak that healthy diet to lower uric acid nearer to their safe target. So, onions should be able ...

Gout flares at a low urate level – How long? July 1, 2020Gout flares at a low urate level - How long?

Much of what I have read here reinforces my own experiences. I have my own blood urate level tester which seems to be reasonably accurate (+/- 20%) when compared with hospital analyses. I had suffered little gout over a year and was careless about regularly taking allopurinol. After a nasty flare-up, I found my urate level ...

Who gave Gout a Bad Name? June 30, 2020Who gave Gout a Bad Name?

In response to Uric Acid Arthritis – Another Name For Gout, Scott Elliot (on Facebook) wrote:
It’s that damn Adam Sandler lunch lady land song that gave gout such a bad name! 😂
So I had to check it out: https://youtu.be/VY14zcUM9SI

Gout Diary – Gary Cork June 29, 2020Gout Diary - Gary Cork

I have just got my lab results and I have a uric acid reading of 520. My doctor is putting me on 100 mg. Allopurinol and Colchicine (I do not know what mg of Colchicine as yet. I am 73 years old and have had gout attacks (about 2 per year) for 30 years. I live ...

Food suitable for gout and diabetes June 11, 2020Food suitable for gout and diabetes

I’ve just read an interesting summary of 12 foods for diabetes sufferers that sparked some ideas for me. Because my wife has diabetes. So it would be nice to find foods that are good for both of us. Also, I know many gout sufferers also have diabetes. 12 Proven Foods Essential For Every Type 2 Diabetes ...

Allopurinol dosage and gout pain relief June 10, 2020Allopurinol dosage and gout pain relief

Hello, I’ve been suffering from gout for 15 years. I have been on allopurinol and Uloric at different times in my life. I stopped using them because I did not like the idea of being on meds for extended amounts of time. I was supplementing with mega-doses of fish oil and watching my purine intakes through ...

Mild gout attack? What are mild gout symptoms? June 9, 2020Mild gout attack? What are mild gout symptoms?

Hello all, about a year and a half ago I had my first gout attack and since then I have had a further two attacks. All three were within 6 months of one another, in my ankles, and were excruciatingly painful. I haven’t had an attack in 12 months. Yesterday I noticed a dull ache in ...

Serious gout pain in foot! From Chicken Chow Mein? June 9, 2020Serious gout pain in foot! From Chicken Chow Mein?

I’ve had gout in my right big toe for two weeks now. Although it was hurting less. Then last night I had chicken chow mein for dinner and by the time I went to bed my left foot felt like someone smashed it with a sledgehammer. I couldn’t sleep all night and it’s still very ...

Uloric and Hair Loss June 7, 2020Uloric and Hair Loss

I’m new here and want to apologize if this has been discussed. I searched for this topic but didn’t find what I was looking for. I have been on Uloric for 3 months and can’t take Allopurinol. Well, last week my hair started falling out in clumps. I’m female by the way. I also take ...

Purine-free Beer and gout June 6, 2020Purine-free Beer and gout

After many years of frustration with gout and having read all the great posts of many gout sufferers, I conclude with: You can drink all the beer you like as long as you dilute it with water before and after or alternating between sips….not the most enjoyable experience but it does allow you to ...

Nutritional yeast flakes June 6, 2020Nutritional yeast flakes

I used to really enjoy these there basically a good source of B12 for vegetarians and vegans in the form of tasty cheese like flakes I just wondered though I know that you sometimes causes issues with uric acid but this is deactivated so would it still be ok to have I don’t feel like ...

Can drinking club soda help my gout? June 1, 2020Can drinking club soda help my gout?

“Gout and club soda raises interesting questions. Can fizzy water help gout? Yes, with a couple of warnings. See the truth before wasting money on gout cures.” Thousands of gout sufferers have asked about club soda and gout. So, I’ve summarized some key points from old discussions: Subject Facts Discussion Summary Soda Water and Gout Best Home Remedies For Gout: Water Gout ...

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