Uric acid starts the gout pain pathway.

You need to know how to control it so that you can manage gout.

Uric Acid Causes
Gout, Sauna & Sweating

To help you understand the problems caused by uric acid, these pages tell you about some of the causes of high uric acid and how to avoid it.

High Uric Acid Causes

High uric acid is the fundamental reason for gout. So if you’re wondering why you have gout, the reason is, you have high uric acid. But that begs the question “What are the reasons for high uric acid?”

High uric acid is caused by several different factors including:

  • Hereditary weaknesses in uric acid metabolism
  • Side effects of medications for other diseases
  • Environmental exposure to toxins
  • Obesity

I will expand this list as I write new articles on the causes of high uric acid.

Gout, Sauna & Sweating
For sufferers from gout, sauna and sweating can cause problems. Heat can cause dehydration if you sweat, so sauna users should take extra care to avoid high uric acid.

High Uric Acid: Next Steps

You have learned what causes high uric acid, and why it is the first step in the gout pain pathway.

These pages will have given you some tips about lowering uric acid. There are many more tips and helpful guidelines in the Gout Treatments Help Section.

If you continue to be confused by uric acid, you should discuss it in the Gout Forum.

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