Do you want medical gout treatment to lower your uric acid?
Then, GoutPal Plan for Gout Patients is for you.
It is a 7-step plan for uric acid control.
Especially, helpful for making sure you fulfil your responsibilities. Because effective gout recovery depends on both sides in the physician patient partnership.

GoutPal Plan for Gout Patients Audience

I wrote this plan for gout sufferers who want to use medical uric acid lowering therapies. If you are not sure which type of gout sufferer you are, go to Questions for Gout Sufferers.

GoutPal Plan for Gout Patients Overview

Here is my step-by-step plan for GoutPal Patients. In practice, your doctor will provide you with your own personal gout care program. So my plan is to help you discuss different aspects of your treatment with your health professionals.

If I cover aspects in a different sequence, your doctor’s program should take precedence.

Most gout sufferers arrive here having already started a treatment plan. So you might already be at step 5 or step 6. That is expected. Then if everything is OK with your progress you can use these explanations to support your doctor’s program. However, if things are not going well, you will see how I advise stepping backwards to make different decisions. Then you get your gout recovery back on track.

Also remember that my plans often overlap. Because I have to present drugs, herbs, and diet as 3 different plans. But as an individual, you can choose your own mixture of treatments. There is no problem with this as I present these treatment plans similarly. So just adapt your personal gout journal as appropriate.

The 7-step Plan for GoutPal Patients is:

  1. Goals.
  2. Outline.
  3. Uric acid.
  4. Target uric acid levels.
  5. Perform.
  6. Assess.
  7. Life.

GoutPal Plan for Gout Patients Steps

1. Personal Goals.
What do you want to achieve? Make this as personal as you can. It might be controlling uric acid so you never get gout again. But, personal goals are better. Such as, enjoying dancing, or never missing work again. Make your goals as personal as you can. Then, it is much easier to stay motivated.
2. GoutPal Patients Plan Outline.
I will explain your responsibilities as described by professional rheumatology guidelines. So that when you organize your first consultation, you are ready to discuss an outline plan for pain control and gout recovery.
3. Uric acid.
Your doctor arranges uric acid tests and might explain some outcomes based on different results. While you wait for results, you study my information to help prepare for your doctor’s results consultation.
4. Targets for Uric Acid.
Use blood test results to discuss uric acid targets with your doctor. Specifically, this includes debulking target, maintenance target and likely timescales. Now, your doctor prescribes specific treatments. Usually you also agree a schedule of follow-up tests and consultations.
5. Perform Treatment.
As you start treatment, you should continue keeping your daily gout symptoms journal. Also note any anxieties resulting from your new treatment. Then consult your doctor immediately or wait to discuss at your next scheduled assessment…
6. Assess progress.
You assess symptoms, and blood test results with your doctor. By comparing uric acid levels to your targets, and accepted safe measures, you ensure you are treating gout correctly. This means returning to step 4 for progress tests. With subsequent prescription adjustments until you’ve had 6 months of safe uric acid and no gout symptoms. Essentially, you are phasing in uric acid treatment and phasing out gout pain relief. At the same time, you might discuss lifestyle changes that support your doctor’s medical program.

If progress is too slow, you might go back to step 3, 2, or even reassess your goals. If you cannot find suitable medical gout treatment, you might change to a different type of gout sufferer plan.

7. Life after gout.
Finally, your uric acid stays safe. And, you stop getting gout flares. Now, it’s time to enjoy the rest of your life. Please consider helping other gout patients in the gout forums. Use your experience to encourage struggling gout sufferers to get effective medical treatment for gout.

GoutPal Patient image

Your GoutPal Patient Plan

Your GoutPal Patient Plan is a way to organize your gout recovery in a way that suits you. So every plan is different. But the 7 steps give you a framework to start your personal records.

Now more enlightened medical practices will have provided you with appropriate information. That helps you work with your doctor to understand medical decisions. More importantly it helps you understand and act on those decisions that must be made jointly. So if you have that information, you can add notes from my plans and discuss them with your doctor as you progress to gout recovery.

If you don’t have that kind of support, you need to start your own records now. It’s up to you how you do that. But be sure to ask your doctor for recommendations.

If you need help getting started, ask in the gout forums. Or use the feedback form below.

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