Gout-Pal.com is Keith Taylor’s history of GoutPal. Including personal views of gout, uric acid, and related topics.

I have introduced many significant changes over the years. So part of the GoutPal story is what happened in the past. Including reasons why things have changed. But the most significant current story is my reorganization of GoutPal.com. From my personal research tool to a resource for all gout sufferers. Secondly, many details will emerge as I tell my GoutPal stories. During which, I will keep returning here to revise the summary.

In the meantime, here is the start of all you need to know about my Gout-Pal.com website. Including what it is, and how to use it.

Gout-Pal.com Brief History

As I mentioned above, I’m still constructing the history of Gout-Pal.com. So this section is not complete. Skip to Details About Gout-Pal.com if you like.

Gout Pal Interactive was the dynamic part of GoutPal.com. Now, the place for you to share your views about gout, and to ask questions is GoutPal.net.

Just go to GoutPal.net to start discussing your questions, experiences, and opinions with fellow gout sufferers. You can still read lots of interesting gout information here, but new gout discussions are growing on the new GoutPal.net website. I will still manage this old website for as long as visitors are interested. See Old Gout News and Old Gout Forums.

Moved to GoutPal.net image
We’ve Moved to GoutPal.net
Historically, GoutPal.com was all about my gout. Especially, my explanations of new facts as I learned how to manage and recover from gout. But now, I’m repositioning those facts to help to other gout sufferers work with their doctors. Because modern rheumatologist guidelines are based on the premise that physician and patient must work together to achieve effective gout recovery.

Historically, this GoutPal Interactive website was all about you, especially for:

  • Gout sufferers
  • Loved ones, or carers for, gout sufferers
  • Healthcare providers (from medical professionals to gout potion producers) who want to learn how to provide better goods and services.

But now, I’ve moved that service to GoutPal.net. So I expected this website to die out. But it holds several years of discussions between gout sufferers. Including important facts and ways to manage doctor-patient relationships. Therefore, I’m slowly moving those facts to GoutPal.com. At the same time, I will retain and develop my personal views. Not as a definitive guide for all gout sufferers. But as an example of how I managed gout recovery. Emphasizing those points that you need to discuss with health professionals to find your own solutions.

Details About Gout-Pal.com

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Your Next Steps with Gout-Pal.com

If you arrived here with a question about gout, you should be able to find the answer quickly at GoutPal.com. If you cannot find answers, you should ask in the new gout forum. But if you cannot use that forum, please let me know in the feedback form below.

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