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  • Celery Seed & Gout Discussions is a collection of questions, experiences, and opinions about celery seed extracts. But it is largely replaced by a new Celery Seed for Gout Forum. So you can read the discussions here. Then go to the new forum to ask how celery seeds and other products might affect your gout. But before you join in those discussions, it's best to read:
    Gout Home Remedies: Celery Seeds and Gout.
    Celery seed and gout just got more important. Besides inflammation, new research shows even more gout help. Are celery seeds one of your gout home remedies?
    Celery Seed Extract For Gout
    Celery seed extract is popular with many gout sufferers. See the effects on uric acid, inflammation, and kidney function. But beware the dangers of wrong dose.
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Viewing 9 topics - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)