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GoutPal Purpose Statement
GoutPal Purpose Statement

I like to know the purpose of your visit to Because that helps me consider your needs as I revise and add to this website. So I end every page with an invitation to you to tell me more about yourself. But I can't expect you to tell me your purpose if you don't know mine…

Not the Purpose of

Let me start with what is NOT the purpose of

  • Selling you gout cures that don't work
  • Fooling you with reports about gout secrets
  • Telling you how to manage your gout

Not Selling Gout Cures

I do not sell or recommend any products or services, except:

  • I include third party advertisements in order to fund my websites
  • I plan to introduce paid membership services

In the past, I have endorsed some gout products and services in return for a commission. But I no longer do this, and I hope that I have deleted all those links. So please tell me if you spot one.

These days, I recommend guidance from rheumatologists and other suitable health professionals. Specifically, by explaining how and when you should discuss such guidance with your doctor. Because rheumatologists recommend that gout management should be performed by a patient physician partnership.

Where certainty of data is less than moderate or high, conditional recommendations made herein are meant to highlight those decisions that would benefit from a shared patient‐provider decision‐making process. [1]

Not Misdirecting You

There are lots of gout-related PDFs and similar reports that claim to hold all the secrets of effective gout cures. I do not like these scams. Especially as I believe that information to help gout sufferers should be free.

So, I provide good quality resources that should support your patient physician partnership. These are mostly free to subscribers to my free newsletter. Or as individual free gout products. However, I may start charging for some services in the future. As long as you can see added value from personalized resources.

Not Managing Your Gout

Only you can manage your gout. From your choice of physician to your options for uric acid treatment. Rheumatologist's guidelines are clear:

For all patients taking ULT, we conditionally recommend delivery of an augmented protocol of ULT dose management by nonphysician providers to optimize the treat-to-target strategy that includes patient education, shared decision-making, and treat-to-target protocol. [1]

However, I might include my opinions and experiences as a gout sufferer. In which case, I hope I've made the distinction clear between professional recommendations and my experiences or opinions. Purpose Statement

The purpose of is to support your patient physician partnership. By providing:

  • Templates for various aspects of gout management that you can customize for your unique medical history, treatment goals, and personal preferences.
  • Links to professional investigations and guidance that helps you and your doctor with that customization.
GoutPal Purpose Statement
GoutPal Purpose Statement

What's Your Purpose at

Now you know why I provide this gout support website. But does it help with your reasons for visiting today?

If not, please tell me your gout story in the Gout Forum. Then I will see if I can adapt the purpose of to better suit your needs.

Leave Purpose of to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

Purpose of References

  1. FitzGerald, J.D., Dalbeth, N., Mikuls, T., Brignardello‐Petersen, R., Guyatt, G., Abeles, A.M., Gelber, A.C., Harrold, L.R., Khanna, D., King, C. and Levy, G., 2020. 2020 American College of Rheumatology guideline for the management of gout. Arthritis Care & Research, 72(6), pp.744-760.

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