Are you tired of looking at foods to avoid with gout?

I know I used to get fed up with seeing lists of foods that I should avoid. Because I thought I was eating a healthy meal. But then I’d see a list where half my favorite foods were banned.

I began to think I’d never eat a decent meal again. But I learned that life does not need to be so bad for the gout sufferer.

In fact, I became famous in the gout forum for my rallying cry – “Moderation in all things for gout sufferers.”

Foods To Avoid With Gout: Tips To Avoid Gout Diet Blues

Why is moderation important?

Because there are hardly any foods to avoid with gout. So, it is not food that is to blame for gout – it is excesses of some foods, and bad eating habits.

It is pointless to pick on a single food item, and ask “is that food bad for gout?”

It is not good to allow any single food item to form a high proportion of your diet. The healthiest diets are full of a balanced variety of different foods. A few ounces of beef mixed with a variety of vegetables is fine for gout sufferers. If you are really worried about the animal purine content, go one step further and drink a glass of skim milk. However, a 32oz steak with fries is not a balanced meal. That has very little to do with gout – it’s just plain unhealthy eating, and if the gout don’t get you, then some other disease will.

So, foods to avoid with gout are excesses. In particular, you must avoid excesses of calories, iron, and animal purines. These excesses are really just bad habits. Easily avoided if you seek balanced meals, but also avoid other bad habits that might make gout worse. These other bad eating habits to avoid with gout include dehydration and irregular meals.

Foods To Avoid With Gout: Risky Food Groups

As purines are so often singled out as the main foods to avoid with gout, I have covered these separately in How Purines Affect Gout and the purine rich foods chart. The other risky food groups, which may be much more important to you, depending on your personal circumstances are:

What foods cause gout?
High purine foods, eaten over many years, are bad for gout. However, there are four more bad food groups. Some of these might be worse than purines for your gout. See which foods cause gout, and make your gout diet safe.
Gout Foods To Avoid: Keep Away From Calories
There is no point avoiding eating purines if you are busy producing your own excesses.
Gout Foods To Avoid List: Iron Out Bad Food In Your Diet
The gouty food secret that nobody wants to share – excess iron in your food is the easiest way to get gout.
Foods That Cause Gout: Not What But How
Do not plan what you eat if you do not care when you eat it. Even the best foods can cause gout if you are constantly fasting and feasting.
Gout: What Not To Eat
Other foods to avoid with gout have been suggested. Fructose may need to be limited. Hydrogenated fats (aka trans-fats) are probably dangerous. I’m constantly researching bad gout foods, and I will extend this list as I complete my reviews.
Is Sugar Bad for Gout?
Is sugar bad for gout? Like many food items, it depends. Excess sugar will increase uric acid, as will excess calories. See how to avoid sugar’s double-whammy.
5 Bad Gout Foods photos
Do you want to avoid bad foods for gout?

Foods To Avoid With Gout: Next Steps

For a successful gout diet, stop looking for foods to avoid with gout. Instead, start looking at ways to make your favorite foods part of a healthy, happy life. Use the lists of foods in this Gout Diet section to identify risky foods. Then balance them the best way you can.

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