The gout foods table for nuts covers key foods in the Nut and Seed Products group from the USDA food database.

Generally, nuts are a good source of protein. Unfortunately, they are also a very good source of energy, and it is easy to gain weight from eating too many nuts. As you can see below, a very small portion will provide 100 calories. 17 grams is just over half an ounce, so excess calories is an issue with nuts. A second problem can be excess sodium. Many nuts are sold with salt, and though this does not affect gout specifically, excess sodium is a common health problem.

Before you use the tables, it is important that you understand how they work. Please read my Gout Foods Tables Introduction. You also need to read the Gout Foods guidelines to understand the right approach to gout diet.

I do not believe in rigid gout diets, but I do believe in personal healthy eating plans. Therefore you should use my gout foods tables to:

  1. Assess your total current food intake, or a diet plan that you might be considering
  2. Check that the total GoutPal Index is not too low
  3. Reduce negative scoring foods and increase positive scoring foods
  4. Assess the impact on your plans to manage uric acid and inflammation, and any other health problems that you have
  5. Fine tune your personal eating plan to maximize support for your gout treatment
  6. One important thing to remember at all times is that no single food is ever good or bad. What you need to focus on is a variety of high and low values that balance each other to give an overall GoutPal Index average around 2.

    Gout Foods Table for Nuts

    Long Description 100 Kcal Serve(g) Vitamin C (mg) PRAL Score Iron (mg) GoutPal Index
    GoutPal Imaginary Standard 100 Kcal Serving 100 3.0 -2 0.9 1.9
    Nuts, almonds, dry roasted, without salt added 17 0.0 0 1 -0.7
    Nuts, almonds, dry roasted, with salt added 17 0.0 0 1 -0.7
    Nuts, walnuts, english 15 0.2 1 0 -0.7
    Nuts, almonds 17 0.0 0 1 -0.7
    Nuts, mixed nuts, with peanuts, oil roasted, with salt added 16 0.1 1 0 -0.8
    Nuts, mixed nuts, dry roasted, with peanuts, with salt added 17 0.1 1 1 -0.8
    Nuts, almonds, blanched 17 0.0 1 1 -0.8
    Average Nuts and Seeds 17 0.1 2 0.7 -1.4
    Nuts, cashew nuts, oil roasted, with salt added 17 0.1 1 1 -1.6
    Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried 17 0.2 2 1 -1.7
    Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dry roasted, without salt 17 0.2 5 1 -3.1
    Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, oil roasted, with salt added 17 0.2 6 1 -3.7

    The table is sorted in GoutPal Index order, where my Index is based on the best of all relevant nutrients. Do not worry that all nuts and seeds are lower than the Standard. This is expected. You need a variety of foods with some lower than Standard, and some higher. As long as your average for all food is not too low, you have a healthy diet.

    Soon, I will add the ability to sort the table by different columns. If you want to know when I make improvements to gout foods tables, please subscribe to my free gout information update service.

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