Uric Acid Reference Range is my review of reference ranges for uric acid blood tests. In detail, I look at typical reference ranges for uric acid blood test results. Then I explain why, if you have been diagnosed with gout, you must ignore these ranges.

Uric Acid Reference Range Audience

I wrote Uric Acid Reference Range for all gout sufferers who want to understand uric acid normal range. Because many doctors misinterpret uric acid normal range (see Normal Uric Acid Levels). So that can hinder your gout diagnosis. Also, the misunderstanding can hinder your uric acid treatment. Therefore, you should learn about uric acid reference range so that you can understand, or question, your doctor’s advice.

Uric Acid Reference Range

To compile this report, I searched the Internet for uric acid reference range calcultion. So, this produced various results from labs, lab suppliers, and medical reference texts. Next, where results gave values for the 24-hour uric acid excretion test, I searched the specific website for a uric acid blood test reference range. Then, I copied those values into this chart:

Uric Acid Reference Range Table

I’ve listed reference ranges published for Males (M) and Females (F). All uric acid normal range values are mg/dL (see Uric Acid Normal Range Summary below). Also, some laboratories included brief notes, which I have included in the references, below.

Along the way, I found an interesting explanation regarding reference range variations[11]:

  • Ranges vary from lab to lab “due to differences in testing equipment, chemical reagents used, and analysis techniques.”
  • Normal results don’t promise good health. Because “there is a lot of overlap among results from healthy people and those with diseases”.
  • Abnormal results don’t mean you’re ill. Because “reference values are based on statistical ranges in healthy people, you may be one of the healthy people outside the statistical range”.
Uric Acid Reference Range Chart
Meaningless Reference Range Statistics vs Medical Uric Acid Levels

Uric Acid Reference Range Summary

My interpretation of these facts about the uric acid reference range is:

  1. They are only useful to statisticians. Because they make no mention of medically safe values.
  2. They confuse doctors. In 2011, I consulted with 4 doctors about uric acid lowering treatment. I had to explain that “normal” ranges are medically meaningless, statistical references to 3 out of 4. Hence, my ongoing assertion that 75% of doctors do not understand uric acid reference ranges. Your mileage may vary. But, there is a clear danger that gout patients get inadequate uric acid lowering treatment due to these ranges.
  3. They confuse patients. Anecdotally, from our gout forums, we know that many gout sufferers are confused why they have been diagnosed with gout when uric acid is normal. Conversely, many gout sufferers fail to get an accurate diagnosis because uric acid is normal.
  4. The gender distinction is meaningless. Because medically, post-menopausal females have the same gout profile as males.

Uric Acid Normal Range Summary

As described, the values for each uric acid normal range are in mg/dL. However, other units for the uric acid reference range are common. So, I am preparing charts for mmol/L and μmol/L:

  • Uric Acid Normal Range mmol/L
  • Uric Acid Normal Range μmol/L

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Your Uric Acid Reference Range

In conclusion, you can see that uric acid reference ranges are laboratory statistics about average uric acid levels. Therefore, you should ignore them. But never ignore your actual uric acid test result. Because all gout sufferers should know their uric acid level and work with their doctor to make it safe.

If you need personal help to interpret uric acid reference ranges, ask in the gout forum.

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