Combinations of allopurinol and other substances worry gout sufferers. There are many different concerns, but they all fall into 3 broad categories:

Allopurinol And Other Gout Treatment
At different stages of uric acid lowering treatment, other drugs may be necessary to support allopurinol. In some cases, like allopurinol and Uloric, it is a matter of choice rather than a combination.
Allopurinol And Other Medicines
Many gout patients need medicines for other health conditions, and every sufferer will occasionally get other ailments besides gout. As with all medicine, you must be careful to check labels and doctors advice before combining any treatments.
Allopurinol And Diet
Allopurinol is designed to enable you to forget about special gout diet. However, there are constant questions about allopurinol and some food items. Here we look at the effects of food and drink in combination with allopurinol

We are discussing various aspects of allopurinol in combination with other substances in the gout forum. If you have any related experiences, opinions and questions, please share them. The discussions are spread across the following groups:

Allopurinol And Other Gout Treatment

Topics include:

Allopurinol And Colchicine
Allopurinol And Probenecid
Allopurinol And Indomethacin
Allopurinol And Ibuprofen
Allopurinol And Diclofenac
Allopurinol And Uloric

Allopurinol And Other Medicines

Topics include:

Allopurinol And Azathioprine
Azathioprine is used to prevent the rejection of new organs following a transplant operation.
Allopurinol And Aspirin
Allopurinol And Coumadin
Coumadin (warfarin) is used to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots in veins and arteries. But a gout forum contributor reported severe gout attacks after starting warfarin treatment for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Unfortunately, the science is inconclusive with 2 conflicting reports:In my response, I refer to 2 studies:
1st report says Coumadin raise uric acid levels.
Menon, Ram K., D. P. Mikhailidis, Joyce L. Bell, P. B. Kernoff, and P. Dandona. “Warfarin administration increases uric acid concentrations in plasma.” Clinical chemistry 32, no. 8 (1986): 1557-1559.
2nd report says Coumadin has no effect on uric acid levels.
Walker, F. B., D. M. Becker, B. Kowal-Neeley, and L. S. Krongaard. “Lack of effect of warfarin on uric acid concentration.” Clinical chemistry 34, no. 5 (1988): 952-954.

So I will continue to monitor gout studies about warfarin. Then I will summarize the science when we have a consensus.

Allopurinol And Ramipril
Ramipril is used alone or in combination with other medications to treat high blood pressure. It is also used to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Allopurinol And Amoxicillin
Amoxicillin is an antibiotic used for bacterial infections, including some dental, ear, respiratory, and urine infections.

There are also concerns about allopurinol and kidney disease, and I deal with these in articles about other diseases. These change from month to month, so if you are concerned about the effects of allopurinol on another health condition, best to search for it using the search boxes near the top and bottom of every page.

Allopurinol and Other Drugs
Allopurinol and Other Drugs

Allopurinol And Diet

Topics include:

Allopurinol And Alcohol

Please also see the allopurinol side effects pages for information about combinations of allopurinol and other issues.

If you wish to discuss allopurinol and other issues, please use the search box to find something relevant. You can start a new discussion on your specific issue in the gout remedies forum. As current discussions mature, I will summarize the key points in these guidelines.

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