Uloric is a mainstream alternative to allopurinol for lowering uric acid to fix your gout.
Uloric’s generic name is febuxostat.

Launched in Europe and elsewhere in 2008 as Adenuric, early 2009 saw FDA approval of this gout medication in the USA, as Uloric. It is also now available as Atenurix in the Philippines, and possibly India where Ajanta Pharma Limited has febuxostat manufacturing facilities.

Uloric has, like all new drugs, been subject to extensive testing [1]. Of course, allopurinol has been tested in real life for over 40 years and is generally well tolerated. If you are one of the few who cannot tolerate allopurinol, then febuxostat may well be your best way to reduce uric acid to a safe level.

Research continues into the long term effects of febuxostat around the world, and I’ll post new information here as it becomes available. It is also discussed frequently in the gout cures forum, so you can see the real-life experiences of other gout patients. Search for febuxostat OR Uloric OR Adenuric to get the latest views. Just copy the search query in italics into the search box at the top of the page.

Febuxostat Side-Effects

Please be aware that side effects are rarely worse than the terrible effects of untreated high uric acid. However, it pays to be aware of side effects so that you can know what to watch for, and when to consult your doctor.

For up-to-date information about potential adverse events, please see Uloric side effects

Uloric Chemical Structure Image
Uloric Chemical Structure Image. This equation for febuxostat is part of the 2012 prescribing information for Uloric. This update includes the liver warnings.

Is Uloric better than Allopurinol?/h2>
Due to controversy surrounding febuxostat side effects, I am reviewing the investigations of this treatment compared to allopurinol. So for now, it is best for you to search for the latest news. To do that, use the search box near the top of the page. Where you can search for “allopurinol vs uloric”. Also, search for any other concerns you have about Uloric. Because search results are automatically updated as soon as I publish new information.
Febuxostat Atenurix
Which brand of febuxostat do you buy? Uloric, Atenurix, or another?

Uloric: Next Steps

Being a new drug, there is still lots of ongoing research. I will report these back as amendments to this febuxostat part of the Gout Treatments section.

If you have experienced either Uloric or Adenuric, or if you have questions about this gout medication, please ask in the gout forum.

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Uloric: References

  1. Briefing, Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America I. “Document for Febuxostat NDA 21-856.”

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