Testing is the first part of Gout Tests. In the next part, we see how to interpret results of gout tests. Here, we look at preparing for tests and some aspects of the testing process. Including blood and urine uric acid tests, tophi imaging, gout pain assessment scores, etc.

Testing for Gout

These articles help you discuss gout testing preparation with your health professional(s). In keeping with the Purpose of GoutPal.com to support the patient-physician relationship. Then you can agree the testing options that suit your gout management plan.

Please remain aware of 2 blood tests that are not gout-specific. But they are vital to effective gout management. They are Liver Function Test and Kidney Function Test. Now, I rarely explain anything about these. Except that, the results of both function tests must be monitored by your doctor. Importantly, you must insist on these tests:
1. When you first consult your doctor to establish a baseline.
2. Before and 2-4 weeks after any treatment change.
3. At least once a year irrespective of symptoms (annual preventative checkup)

In particular, you should read What is the purpose of Uric Acid Test, and What does a Uric Acid Test tell you?

Gout Testing Articles List

Note that I curate this Gout Testing Facts List. Therefore, you will find more facts if you search using the Google Gout search box near the top of each page.

  1. Starting Allopurinol – Dosing Guidelines
    February 5, 2021Starting Allopurinol - Dosing Guidelines

    Starting allopurinol is quite simple. But many doctors get it wrong. Wrong allopurinol dose makes your gout worse. Get safe allopurinol dosing guidelines now.

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  2. What is the purpose of Uric Acid Test?
    February 1, 2021What is the purpose of Uric Acid Test?

    Your uric acid blood test results might be normal. That is meaningless. You can still have gout with normal uric acid levels. Avoid dangerous uric acid levels.

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  3. Uric Acid Test Kit
    January 2, 2021Uric Acid Test Kit

    Uric acid test kit for testing gout at home. Check your gout diet or pills are working. Independent advice on buying and using. Get the right meter for you.

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  4. Uric Acid Tests
    December 26, 2022Uric Acid Tests

    Uric acid tests are vital to diagnosing and treating gout. How do you know which test you need? What do test results mean? Get the right uric acid test now.

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  5. Gout Tests
    November 26, 2020Gout Tests

    What is happening to gout tests? There seem to be new ones every day. Do not wait for new gout tests. Avoid the dangers of untreated gout. Test for gout today.

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  6. Test For Uric Acid Crystals
    November 26, 2020Test For Uric Acid Crystals

    A test for uric acid crystals in your joints gives you a clear gout diagnosis. Avoid confusion with pseudogout and other joint problems with this standard test.

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  7. Best Time To Check Uric Acid Levels
    November 20, 2020Best Time To Check Uric Acid Levels

    Do you need to know the best time to check uric acid levels. Avoid bad test results from testing at the wrong time. See how to choose when to test uric acid.

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Which Gout Tests Do You Need?
Which Gout Tests Do You Need?

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