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Which Uric Acid Test for Gout?
Which Uric Acid Test for Gout?

Historically, uric acid testing has been fraught with problems for gout sufferers. Mainly because upper limits have been too vague to establish consistent treatment practices. But now it is clear that uric acid must be lowered below 6 mg/dL in most cases. So this phase of gout progression should be straightforward.

However, what about the cases that slip through the net? Does your doctor adhere to the latest standards? Would you prefer to see results that are better than standard uric acid testing and control?

It is time to ensure that you play your part in the shared decision-making processes for uric acid testing and results analysis.

Uric Acid Test Introduction

There are too many uric acid test topics for a single article. So this is a hub page for uric acid test articles. Which you can browse to find the specific aspects of gout testing that concern you most. However, it might not include all uric acid test articles that are relevant to you. So you should also use the Google Gout Search Engine to find more articles about your uric acid test concerns.

Uric Acid Test Progression

Uric Acid Test is the fourth phase of gout progression. Being the phase that often confirms or identifies a diagnosis of gout. And sets baselines for forthcoming uric acid treatment.

As a gout patient, your involvement in this phase might be limited to supplying blood samples. Then listening to your doctor's decisions about treatment. But you should not accept such limitations. Because you need to be part of the shared decision processes. Not only about uric acid treatment.

As part of the uric acid test phase, you also need to be involved with decisions about:

  • Urine tests for uric acid clearance
  • Liver function and kidney function tests
  • Joint fluid test for uric acid crystals
  • Imaging uric acid crystal tests including ultrasound, CAT, and MRI scans

Uric Acid Test Articles

Title or ConcernDescription
Uric Acid TestUric acid test kit for testing gout at home. Check your gout diet or pills are working. Independent advice on buying and using. Get the right meter for you. Read uric acid test.
Purpose of Uric Acid TestYour uric acid blood test results might be normal. But you can still have gout with normal uric acid levels. Learn the true purpose of uric acid test now. Read purpose of uric acid test.
Uric Acid Test RangeUric acid level charts tell you important gout numbers. See why low, high, normal ranges are meaningless. Get uric acid level charts that help control gout now. Read uric acid test range.
Allopurinol and Liver Function TestsDo you worry how uric acid treatment affects your liver? Read the latest science here. Resolve your concerns about allopurinol side effects on the liver. Read allopurinol and liver function tests.
Uric Acid Test Normal RangeUric Acid Normal Range is dangerous for gout patients. Widespread misunderstanding means doctors often put health at risk. See how to make uric acid safe. Read uric acid test normal range.
Uric Acid in Blood TestUric acid reference range is best ignored by all gout sufferers. Because it is a statistic that confuses doctors and patients. Get uric acid reference facts. Read uric acid in blood test.
Blood Test Conversion CalculatorThis uric acid calculator converts mg/dL to mmol/L to µmol/L. Then tells you if your uric acid is safe or dangerous. Get free uric acid units calculator now. Read blood test conversion calculator.
Gout TestingWhich tests for gout do you need? Your needs change depending on diagnosis. Also, a test can change as treatment progresses. Get gout testing facts now. Read gout testing.

Uric Acid Test Summary

Early uric acid testing from doctors is typically limited to laboratory blood testing. Either to assist diagnosis, to establish a baseline prior to uric acid treatment, or both. Later, it is continued through titration and maintenance phases.

I'm not aware of any gout patient who would argue against this standard practice. But other aspects of uric acid testing are more contentious. As such, you must play your part in shared decision-making processes concerning:

  • Additional uric acid clearance testing
  • Supporting lab tests with home uric acid test kits
  • Acceptable upper limit for uric acid levels in the blood
  • Joint fluid testing
  • Gout imaging
Which Uric Acid Test for Gout?
Which Uric Acid Test for Gout?

What is Your Uric Acid Test Process?

I'm working on templates that help you identify and understand uric acid test processes and interpreting your results. In the meantime, you can start by adding notes about what you've learned about your uric acid test results so far.

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