These Joint Inflammation pages explain the response or reaction part of the UDRP gout pain pathway.

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How does gout cause joint inflammation?

The most important point to remember is that gout pain in the joints is caused by inflammation as a result of our immune system (white blood cells) attacking uric acid crystals. It is a pain similar to that caused by flu, and similar invading viruses or bacteria, not similar to being stuck by needles. Unlike virus cells, uric acid crystals cannot be killed, they are merely surrounded by white blood cells, which provides a protein shield, masking the crystals from the immune system.

This leads on to the second most important point. When you treat gout properly, you do it by lowering uric acid in the blood to 5mg/dL (0.30mmol/L). Not only does this prevent new crystals forming, it encourages old crystals to dissolve. Partially dissolved crystals are just as likely to cause an immune system response as new crystals. Therefore inflammation and feverishness is not uncommon during early stages of gout treatment. This process of dissolving crystals can also happen if you improve your diet to the point where uric acid falls below the crystallization point.

Never judge your progress by joint inflammation and pain. Check your uric acid levels to judge if the inflammation is caused by new crystals forming (bad) or old crystals dissolving (bad).

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