Uricosuric Foods Natural Uricosuric Agents is part of a series about gout cures from the world of natural products. See Natural Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors for the first installment.

Natural Uricosuric Agents that Reduce Uric Acid, the Underlying Cause of Gout

Effective treatment of gout starts with addressing its underlying cause- uric acid.  Ultimately, lowering uric acid to normal levels is the goal. Depending on its severity, gout may require long-term treatment consisting of xanthine oxidase inhibitors and/ or uricosurics.

To explain, Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors (XOIs) decrease uric acid production. But I cover natural XOIs elsewhere. So now we look at how uricosuric agents work.

All uricosurics promote uric acid excretion. Because they reduce the reabsorption of uric acid once the kidneys filter it out of the blood.

For now, we will focus on natural uricosuric agents. Because most gout sufferers are “under-excreters” of uric acid. Fortunately, many natural foods are effective uricosuric agents.  So, let’s examine some of the more common and potent agents available in natural gout remedies.

Natural Uricosuric Milk Foods

Casein, is a no-purine, protein found in milk.  Casein will increase the amount of uric acid excreted in urine, the uricosuric effect. Because researchers have tested these effects in several studies. Also, these studies have demonstrated a “double whammy” in clinical trials. Firstly, casein’s known uricosuric effect increases uric acid excretion. Secondly, the protein acutely decreases uric acid levels in the blood.

Recently I have tried to compile a list of foods rich in casein. But there is no easy-to-understand source. So I’ve extracted some data from 2 studies about casein. Note, these studies are not about gout. But they do give gout sufferers some raw info about foods that contain casein. So I will add details to my Casein page. In the meantime, the casein content of milk is:

  1. Sheeps milk casein content = 3.78-5.20%.
  2. Cows milk casein content = 2.28-3.27%.
  3. Goats milk casein content = 2.14-3.18%.

Note, I give figures as a range because there is natural variation from many factors. Unfortunately, casein content of cheese is much more complex. Because as well as the raw milk variations, production methods, and aging or ripening affects casein content of cheese. So I cannot find any specific values for cheese casein.

Cheese & Milk Uricosuric Food photo
Which is your favorite natural uricosuric food?

Natural Uricosuric Vitamin C Foods

Vitamin C is also a uricosuric agent. Studies have shown that 200 mg to 500 mg/day vitamin C for 2 months reduces blood uric acid.  Interestingly, vitamin C is better at reducing uric acid when starting levels are high.  In a prospective study, researchers found that higher vitamin C intake is independently associated with a lower risk of gout. So supplemental vitamin C intake is beneficial for the prevention of gout. The study included 46,996 subjects.

Your Uricosuric Agents

Both these agents, Casein and Vitamin C, are generally very safe and effective when taken in the right proportions. But milk and milk products contain little or no vitamin C. So you should assess your diet to measure your milk protein intake and your vitamin C intake. Then you can consider supplements of casein and/or vitamin C.

Are you considering natural agents to reduce uric acid? Then consider both uricosuric and xanthine oxidase inhibitors.

Note that natural uric acid treatments are useful to GoutPal Dieters and to GoutPal Herbalists. Because they replace (or reduce dependence on) medical uricosurics that gout patients might use to control uric acid levels. So your next step depends how you plan to control uric acid.

I need to clarify these steps with better plans. But I need your input to tell me about your concerns. Then we can improve these pages to make your next step clearer. Also, I’m encouraged to add more natural resources for controlling uric acid. So if you want to learn more about this start by leaving a message in the Feedback Form below. Then I’ll work with you to get the gout control plan that suits you.

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