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Starting Your Uric Acid Cure
Starting Your Uric Acid Cure

At last, it's time to start curing your excess uric acid. But first you and your medical team need to decide if the standard allopurinol cure applies to you. Or if you need to work together to choose alternatives.

Start Uric Acid Cure Introduction

There are too many topics about starting your uric acid cure for a single article. So this is a hub page for articles about starting your uric acid cure. Which you can browse to find the specific topics that concern you most. However, it might not include all uric acid articles that are relevant to you. So you should also use the Google Gout Search Engine to find more articles about starting your uric acid cure.

Start Uric Acid Cure Progression

Start Uric Acid Cure is the fifth phase of gout progression. Importantly, it is the first phase where you start to cure uric acid. But it might be several months before you are completely cured. So you will need to continue the gout pain package that you agreed with your doctor in phase three. However, make time to discuss if you continue gout pain treatment as a preventative or an "as required" control.

Start Uric Acid Cure Articles

Title or ConcernDescription
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Elderberry and GoutWill you support or replace allopurinol with elderberry products for your uric acid treatment package? Then read elderberry and uric acid research.
Quorn and GoutAre you considering switching from animal to meatless protein to support your uric acid cure? Get the latest facts to discuss with your doctors. Read the Quorn and gout research now.
Starting AllopurinolStarting allopurinol is quite simple. But many doctors get it wrong. Wrong allopurinol dose makes your gout worse. Get safe allopurinol dosing guidelines now. Read starting allopurinol.
Natural Remedies for GoutMany gout sufferers seek a natural gout remedy to avoid risks associated with drugs. Can you use common foods as gout treatment? Yes, but ensure you stay safe. Read natural remedies for gout.
Starting Allopurinol During Gout FlareWhen should you start allopurinol? Start immediately, risking extra gout pain, or wait for flares to subside? Get the truth about when to start allopurinol now. Read starting allopurinol during gout flare.
Natural Alternative to AllopurinolDo you want alternatives to allopurinol? Is it fear of side effects? Is your dose wrong? Or do you want natural meds? Get effective allopurinol alternatives. Read natural alternative to allopurinol.
Uric Acid in Foods ChartPurine rich foods tables are often used by gout sufferers. But pointless purines have no effect on gout, so why worry? See which high purine foods affect gout. Read uric acid in foods chart.
Alternatives to AllopurinolCan anthocyanin-rich foods lower uric acid? Here are the top 100 food sources for these colorful beneficial compounds. See how anthocyanins are more than natural allopurinol alternatives. Read alternatives to allopurinol.
How Long to take Colchicine when Starting AllopurinolHow does colchicine help gout? See how it can stop gout pain if you use it right. Learn about safe storage. Get the facts about colchicine for gout. Read how long to take colchicine when starting allopurinol.
Uricosuric FoodsGout cures come in many forms. Here we focus on natural products that help cure gout and supplement a good gout diet. Get advice on natural uricosuric meds. Read uricosuric foods.
Uric Acid Patient Diet ChartYou need a good food list for gout. To help with tasty meals for uric acid. Not a bunch of things to avoid. Get the healthy gout food list for better diet. Read uric acid patient diet chart.

Start Uric Acid Cure Summary

If you meet the criteria for starting to cure excess uric acid, the standard medication is allopurinol. But it must be started at a low dose of 50 to 100 mg per day. Rheumatologists also recommend that you consider some lifestyle changes.

Other shared decisions about starting uric acid cures, include considering alternatives if allopurinol is not appropriate for you. That can include:

  • Choosing alternative medicines to allopurinol
  • Considering intensive diet and lifestyle changes with the help of a qualified dietitian
  • Consulting a Complementary and Integrative Health Therapist for other alternatives to allopurinol

Remember that whichever approach you choose for curing uric acid, you must start with this initial low dose phase. Then continue through the adjustment and maintenance phases.

Starting Your Uric Acid Cure
Starting Your Uric Acid Cure

What is Your Start Uric Acid Cure Process?

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