The best gout cures must permanently lower uric acid.

Many substances inhibit uric acid production, promote uric acid excretion, or both. Here we look at non-pharmaceutical gout cures that lower uric acid.

By including these in a comprehensive gout treatment plan, you might improve your uric acid level, but you must make sure it is never above 5mg/dL (0.30mmol/L).

This part of the Gout Treatment Section looks at non-medical products that reduce uric acid. Other pages look at pain relief, but you must control uric acid first, as this is the only way to prevent pain from getting worse.

Gout Cures Reduce Uric Acid
Unlike medical urate lowering therapies, research into natural products that lower uric acid is less frequent, and the results are often difficult to apply to real world situations. In most cases, you might have to try different changes to your diet, then check the results. You can only do this if you have your own uric acid test meter, or have frequent tests from your doctor.

Do not try to judge the effect of gout cures by your pain levels – you can experience gout flares when uric acid levels are falling.

I have graded the scientific research into 3 groups:

  1. Human research
  2. Animal Research
  3. Laboratory and theoretical studies

Gout Cures Research In Humans

Gout Cures Study Name Description
Milk Protein Milk- and soy-protein ingestion: acute effect on serum uric acid concentration. This is a scientific study using protein products mixed with water rather than natural milk. Three proteins were tested: casein (also available from mammalian milk & cheese), lactalbumin (also available from mammalian milk and whey), and soy protein (also available from soy protein). All three proteins increased the amount of uric acid excreted in urine (i.e. they are natural uricosurics). However, only casein and lactalbumin lowered uric acid in the blood, whereas soy protein increased it. See Which Milk Is Good For Gout? for more information.
Vitamin C The Effects of Vitamin C Supplementation on Serum Concentrations of Uric Acid. This was a double-blinded placebo-controlled randomized trial conducted on 184 people taking 500mg vitamin C supplement, or a placebo, for 2 months. The study showed an average reduction in uric acid of 0.5mg/dL (0.03mmol/L), however this reduction was higher where the starting uric acid was higher, and reduction of 1mg/dL (0.06mmol/L) was recorded where average starting uric acid was 7.2mg/dL (0.43mmol/L). See the complete gout and vitamin c study for more information.

There are 2 issues to consider here. Firstly, the study was not targeted at gout sufferers, so most volunteers were outside the risk of gout, or at quite a low risk – it would be nice to see a similar study on gout sufferers with a minimum starting uric acid level of 7mg/dL (0.42mmol/L). More importantly, 2 months is not long enough. Vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron, and excess iron can increase the risk of gout. If you are considering vitamin C supplementation, you should consult a nutritionist to assess your risk of excess iron, and if taking the supplement at certain times of day can mitigate any such risk.

Gout Cures Research In Animals

Gout Cures Study Name Description
Morin The Dual Actions of Morin (3,5,7,2′,4′-Pentahydroxyflavone) as a Hypouricemic Agent: Uricosuric Effect and Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Activity Morin is a flavonol similar to quercetin. It is found in figs and other fruit. It is abundant in White Mulberry (Morus Alba), which is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat gout-like symptoms. This study found that morin reduces uric acid in rats by promoting excretion of uric acid (like probenecid) and inhibiting xanthine oxidase (like allopurinol). See the complete figs and gout study for more information.

Laboratory & Theoretical Studies

Gout Cures Study Name Description
Celery Seed Extract Effect Of Celery Seed Extract on Hyperuricemia in Rats. Celery seed extract is popular with many gout sufferers. See the effects on uric acid, inflammation, and kidney function. But beware the dangers of wrong dose.
Resveratrol Antioxidant Activity and Protective Effect on DNA Cleavage of Resveratrol
Resveratrol Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor Investigation
Click for Resveratrol Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor details
An investigation into the effects of resveratrol on xanthine oxidase in rats.

Gout Cures: Next Steps

These gout cures will vary in effectiveness from person to person. You cannot judge their effectiveness without knowing your uric acid level, so arrange for a doctors test, or buy a home test kit now. A home test kit is particularly useful for testing the cures listed above, whether taken as supplements or in foods. You need patience to use a uric acid meter, but it can help you to understand how food and drink items from uric acid foods lists affect you personally.

The gout cures listed above are shown to lower uric acid, and some might also have anti-inflammatory properties. For the first few months of urate lowering therapy, you might need additional pain relief. These are listed in different areas of this Gout Treatment section.

If you are not sure which gout cures can help you lower uric acid, you can get more help in the gout forum.

Leave Gout Cures to read the rest of the Gout Treatments Section.

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