Gout Freedom is my shorthand for the place where your gout treatment is managed correctly.

It’s a place where you are free from gout pain.

And free from the fear of gout returning.

Today is especially significant for gout freedom, for two reasons:

  1. A GoutPal member has found Gout Freedom in the old gout forums.
  2. My new gout forums is taking gout support to the next level.

Gout Freedom in Old Gout Forums

Ron has been an active member of my gout forums since February 2015.

First and foremost THANK YOU, Keith, for maintaining such a resourceful website. I feel like I have empowered myself with the knowledge I need to overcome this dreaded disease.

After discussing his own gout problems, Ron continued to help other people in the forums. I always say that this is a great way to improve your knowledge. Helping other people has its own rewards. But that help also gives you better focus on your own gout problems. There’s no better example of this than Ron’s latest post:

Fortunately I found this site and decided to take control. I started on 200mg of Allopurinol in March and have been going strong ever since. No more flare-ups and I have started exercising and playing sports again all while not restricting my diet or drinking at all other than using moderation.


Thanks to Keith and this site my joints are feeling better than they have in a long time and I feel like I’m in control.

Moral of the story is: do whatever it takes to get your uric acid levels down. Then you will over time feel better and get back to living your life.

There’s very little that makes me happier. I love it when people find their Gout Freedom. I love knowing that I’ve helped in some small way.
Great Day for Gout Freedom photo

Gout Freedom in New Gout Forums

Now, the gout help gets better. In my new gout forums, there are lots of improvements:

Find Gout Freedom Photo
Have you found Gout Freedom?
You can use the new gout forums today, and start your journey to Gout Freedom. Start now! By the end of next year, you can be free from gout and free from the fear of gout returning.

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