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    Keith Taylor
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    I want GoutPal to be driven by you.

    You have two ways to influence what I do next:

    • Make new suggestions.
    • Add constructive comments to existing suggestions.

    You can improve other member’s suggestions by adding Replies.

    If you do not agree with a suggestion, add a comment to say why you do not agree with it. If possible, suggest an alternative.

    New Suggestions
    If you are not completely satisfied with my gout support service, please add your thoughts here as a new suggestion. Even if you are happy, please make an effort to suggest how I can do things better.

    Your ideas can be about any aspect of my gout support services. This includes all my pages on all my websites. If you see something you don’t agree with, make a suggestion. If you see something I could have written better, make a suggestion. If you think I’ve missed a message in the forum, make a suggestion.

    I’m running GoutPal for you. Please tell me how I can do it better.

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    Keith Taylor
    Ŧallars: Ŧ 1142.19
    GoutPal Scholar Badge Rank: Scholar

    Have you noticed Ŧallars? It’s the points score that shows beneath your profile picture when you post in the forum. I also display it elsewhere. Like, the “Gouty Commitment” list of members at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.

    By “Gouty Commitment”, I mean the amount of effort you are putting into discussing your gout. The more you post, the more you learn. Then, you learn to control gout faster. Which is why, it’s your GoutPal.

    Recently, I’ve been thinking about taking it further, and developing a rewards scheme. I’ve got some ideas about recognizing the value that members add when they contribute to my forums. But, I’d really like any rewards to be valuable to you. So, what rewards you like me to make available?

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