Give Blood. Save Life. Stop Gout. explains how saving lives by giving blood might also stop your gout. It’s not just aimed at gout patients. Everyone can benefit from giving blood.

Today is World Blood Donor Day. It’s extremely important in it’s own right.

It’s also very timely, as there are lots of current discussions about gout and iron. Most gout sufferers have excess iron. Excess iron is one of the significant causes of gout. I want you to join in those discussions.

But, first think about donating blood for it’s own sake.

World Blood Donor Day

The World Health Organization say:

This year, the theme of World Blood Donor Day is “Blood connects us all”, highlighting the common bond that all people share in their blood. The slogan, “Share life, give blood”, draws attention to the role that voluntary donation systems play in encouraging people to care for one another and promoting community cohesion.

You can read more in their press release. On their website, WHO say: “Share life, give blood”. I couldn’t resist adding two words that are important to me.

Give Blood Stop Gout photo
Will you give blood today? Because you should.

There are local activities in every country to support World Blood Donor Day. Most readers are in the USA. The American Red Cross announced:

“I am proud to team up with the Nexcare Give Program each year, with the mission of sparking a critical dialogue around the vital need for blood donation,” said supermodel and Red Cross ambassador, Niki Taylor. “For me, the cause is also a personal one. Following a car accident 15 years ago that left me in critical condition, the efforts of the American Red Cross and their brave donors saved my life. In honor of World Blood Donor Day, I am sharing my story and encouraging people around the world to support blood donation, inspiring their friends and families to join the cause.”

For more information, see their press release.

Wherever you live, you should find local facilities for giving blood. If you can’t, please ask in the gout forum.

Give Blood. Save Life. Stop Gout.

Mention of the gout forum, brings me back to discussions about how excess iron affects gout. You can always find the latest at gout and iron discussions. So join the discussions there. Or send feedback on the form below.

Leave Give Blood if you have Gout to read more Blood and Gout Facts.

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