This list of Uric Acid Level Charts shows the graphs and tables that explain uric acid levels. More importantly, I explain why you need to use medical urate levels. Because statistical high, low, normal charts are medically meaningless. So you will understand your uric acid results. Then you can plan to make your uric acid safe.

Uric Acid Level Charts Introduction

I know that to control gout properly you must understand uric acid levels. But lots of numbers can be confusing. So uric acid charts make the numbers easier to understand.

Unfortunately, there is one big problem. Because most people, including most doctors, do not understand uric acid levels. So they fall back on reference ranges supplied by laboratories when they test blood. Now, these reference ranges are useful for lab technicians and statisticians. But they have no medical value. Because they are statistical averages, and average people get gout.

Therefore, I have developed a uric acid chart that uses medical values. But first, let’s look at a normal uric acid level chart so you can see why it is meaningless.

Normal Uric Acid Level Chart

Uric Acid Reference Range Chart
Meaningless Reference Range Statistics vs Medical Uric Acid Levels

This chart shows normal uric acid levels from a sample of 10 labs. As you can see, the ranges vary from lab to lab. So even if the numbers were useful, you would be caught in a lottery depending on where your blood was tested. But you can see they are meaningless. Because normal ranges include uric acid levels where gout is possible, or even probable (see Normal Uric Acid Levels).

Therefore, you should always ignore reference ranges and focus on medical uric acid levels.

The Medical Uric Acid Level Chart

Vital Uric Acid Levels Conversion Chart
How safe is your uric acid number?

In many respects, uric acid levels are medically simple. So you don’t even need a chart if you just remember to stay below 5. But GoutPal is an international learning and support resource. Therefore, I encourage you to check facts in global science journals and discuss gout in my global gout forum. So I encourage complete understanding of different units of measure for different countries. Also, by adding dangerous levels, and bands in between you can see exactly where you are for uric acid safety.

Uric Acid Charts for Treatment

Gout Charts for Diagnosis

Uric Acid Reference Charts

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