Uric Acid vs Urea diagram

Uric Acid vs Urea diagram

Topical Urea cannot increase Uric Acid.

Uric Acid vs Urea diagram is my featured image for Allpresan and Urea content โ€“ a Uric Acid concern?

Uric Acid vs Urea diagram details

This image which shows the full pathways from purines to ammonia is from:
Lee, I. Russel, Liting Yang, Gaseene Sebetso, Rebecca Allen, Thi HN Doan, Ross Blundell, Edmund YL Lui, Carl A. Morrow, and James A. Fraser. “Characterization of the complete uric acid degradation pathway in the fungal pathogen Cryptococcus neoformans.” PloS one 8, no. 5 (2013): e64292.

The caption from that report reads:

While degradation of purines to uric acid is generally conserved among organisms, the end product of uric acid catabolism varies among taxa [species] often due to the loss of functional catabolic enzymes in the pathway.

In other words, there is no link between uric acid and urea in humans. For other life forms, ingesting uric acid might increase urea. But not the other way round.

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