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If you need help in the gout forums, just ask now. That takes you to the form to post a new topic in the main gout forum. You can use it to quickly share your questions, experiences, and opinions about gout.

Some sections of the gout forums are more specialized. I describe how my gout forums are organized below. You’ll soon get used to the forums as you use them. But, never worry about “being in the right place.” Just use the link above, and get posting. The sooner you start to discuss your gout, the sooner you can start to manage it.

If you ever have any difficulty using the gout forums, please click the orange Gout Help button. You can also raise a support ticket in my gout helpdesk.

Gout Network Forums

This is how GoutPal’s gout network forums are organized:

Gout Forum Description Start new topic
Help My Gout! Discuss any aspect of gout. Share your questions, experiences, and opinions here. New general gout topic
GoutPal Suggestion Box GoutPal can always improve. Tell me how to make it easier for you to control your gout. New GoutPal Suggestion
Gout Resources Forum Discuss gout resources that you have tried. Ask where to find better gout products and services. Promote your own gout resources (without exploitation). New Gout Resources topic

If you just want to chat with like-minded people, there is also a General Discussion Forum.

As I mentioned above, if you have any difficulties using my gout forums, please use the orange Gout Help button, or raise a ticket in the gout helpdesk.

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