Possible Gouty Finger photograph

Send Your Gout Pictures to GoutPal

To get the best help with your questions, send pictures of your gout symptoms. Because people answering your questions can see exactly what problem you are describing. So, we can give you better answers.

Also, photos of your test results and prescriptions are better. Because they avoid confusing typos.

Please send me your gout pictures using the form below.

I’m particularly interested in pictures of your gout, and your test results. Also, you can send other files. Such as spreadsheets of your home uric acid test results. Just use the Feedback Form near the bottom of the most relevant page. Then click the paperclip icon to attach your file.

Gout Picture Examples

Here are some examples of pictures sent by other GoutPal members.

Possible Gouty Finger photograph

Possible Gouty Finger photograph

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