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Gout Forum Topic Summaries

Following my latest comment on Confusing UA Levels, I have started this topic for your comments about summary formats. Because I don’t want to spoil the uric acid fluctuation topic with technical discussions of how to present information.

So my first observation is that the summary needs to be as wide as possible. Therefore, I will probably place it above the title. Having said that, it seems easy to navigate with arrow keys. As the map scrolls smoothly as you move around.

Later, I’ll see how it performs on smartphones.

How’s it working for you?

Gout Topic Summary screenshot

Gout Topic Summary screenshot

Clinical Trials for Gout

USA Clinical Trials for Gout and Uric Acid

Clinical Gout & Kidney Trial near Chicago, IL

Clinical Investigation Specialists, CIS Research, in Gurnee IL near Chicago, IL is conducting a Clinical Trial involving Kidney Disease and Gout
The EXPLORE study will observe the safety and effectiveness of using the medication lesinurad in combination with a xanthine oxidase inhibitor (XOI), as opposed to using an XOI alone, to lower uric acid levels in the blood of adult patients with gout and kidney problems.

Clinilabs, Inc.
Stipend: Contact Research Site Directly for Stipend
Length of Study: 104 weeks
Research Facility: Out-Patient
Gender: Both
Age: 18 – 85
Washout Period: 30 days from Completion Date to Screening
Health Condition: Nephropathy, Kidney Disease, Gout (Hyperuricemia), Kidney Failure, Renal Failure

More Information: You may be eligible to participate in this study, if you meet all of the following criteria:
• You are between ages 18-85
• You have been diagnosed with gout and have problems with your kidney function

You may not be able to join the EXPLORE study if you meet these criteria:
• You have had unstable angina
• You have uncontrolled high blood pressure
• You are a solid organ transplant recipient

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Other Clinical Trials for Gout Sufferers

I will add more USA clinical trial for gout sufferers here. So if you here of ones that I’ve missed, please post them. But start a new topic for trials in other countries.

Clinical Trials for Gout

Which clinical trial might help your gout?

Chanca Piedra for Gout plant photo

Chanca Piedra for Gout or better uric acid plants?

I’d never heard of Chanca Piedra until a GoutPal Facebook visitor asked: “Curious if anyone has tried or researched uricel, chianca piedra, and or banaba leaves”.

At that time, I knew that Uricel was most likely a con. Also, we have discussed banaba a few times. So I started looking into Chanca Piedra for Gout.

At first, I could only see hints of uric acid lowering with Chanca Piedra. But recently I’ve learned that there are two similar plants in the Phyllanthus family that can both be used to make Chanca Piedra. We also know these plants as “Stonebreaker” since traditionally we use them to treat kidney stones. So that has made it easier to find evidence that this plant extract can lower uric acid in humans as well as lab rats.

Interestingly, my research shows me a new world of phytopharmaceuticals (aka phytomedicine) for lowering uric acid. So now I can see several alternatives to Chanca Piedra for treating gout.

My next step is to build on Natural Uric Acid Inhibitors: Can They Work with more GoutPal Herbalist Resources. So if you want me to move this up my priority list, please add your comments below.

Chanca Piedra for Gout plant photo

Have you tried Chanca Piedra for Gout?

Shoot a reply

I got an email today inviting me to “shoot a reply” if I wanted more information. But I never heard that phrase before so I wondered if this was an esoteric American phrase that I needed to adopt to be truly UK/US bilingual.

My next email was the update notification for this forum.

Enter your email address:

Subscription is free and your email address is safe - I will never share it with anyone else.

For more gout info update services: Gout Info Update Service.

So I read with a promise from someone I regard as a perfectly sane Brit to “shoot a reply” if he has more questions.

So my questions are:
1. Where does this phrase come from?
2. How do you take aim?
3. Why have I never heard it before then spot it in 2 consecutive emails?


No More Gout!

That’s the last time I use the G-Word – at least for today. Because the only way to stop it forever is to change the way we look at it.

Urate Crystal Arthritis is so easy to cure, you don’t even need help from a website. 😉

Photo of Urate Crystals

Removing urate crystals is much easier than stopping something beginning with G

12 Foods for Diabetes and Gout list

Food suitable for gout and diabetes

I’ve just read an interesting summary of 12 foods for diabetes sufferers that sparked some ideas for me. Because my wife has diabetes. So it would be nice to find foods that are good for both of us. Also, I know many gout sufferers also have diabetes.

12 Proven Foods Essential For Every Type 2 Diabetes Diet

I like information from this website because it is always well researched. However, it has 80 references for me to check for gout. So, it will be some time before I complete a full review. Therefore, I will summarize the 12 foods for now:

1. Almonds and other high magnesium foods.
If your magnesium level is low, increasing it might improve blood sugar control.
2. Cocoa.
Cocoa can improve insulin resistance. So, switch up to 85% dark chocolate or higher. (I buy it cos I love the taste!)
3. Coffee.
Drinking coffee is linked with lower risk of diabetes.
We also know that coffee lowers uric acid.
4. Green Coffee.
Actually chlorogenic acid, found in green coffee,
can restrict glucose being absorbed into the bloodstream.
5. Green Tea.
Green tea drinkers are between 18 and 42% less likely to suffer from diabetes. So, I must check and update my green tea and gout reasearch.
6. Apple Cider Vinegar.
I have serious doubts that ACV helps gout sufferers. But, it might improve glucose metabolism for diabetes sufferers.
7. Resistant Starches
I’ve never heard of resistant starch before.
But it can improve insulin sensitivity. Thus lowering blood sugar levels after meals.
8. Yacon Syrup
Yacon syrup may improve insulin resistance.
9. Fenugreek Seeds
Fenugreek seeds increase insulin sensitivity and improve blood sugar control.
10. Cinnamon
Cinnamon slows glucose absorption into the blood stream. Also, it improves insulin effectiveness. Gout sufferers already know about Cinnamon as a Gout Home Remedy.
11. Stevia
Stevia, a sweetner from plants, lowers blood sugar and has other benefits for diabetics. Incidentally, gout sufferers have asked about stevia in the forums. But, I have never found anything other than anecdotal evidence that stevia lowers uric acid.
12. Honey
Honey might be better than ordinary sugar (sucrose). So diabetics might benefit from honey as a sugar replacement. But they should not add sugar to their diet for it’s own sake. Unfortunately for gout sufferers:

honey increased … uric acid by 12%

Al-Waili, Noori S. “Effects of daily consumption of honey solution on hematological indices and blood levels of minerals and enzymes in normal individuals.” Journal of medicinal food 6.2 (2003): 135-140.

12 Foods for Diabetes and Gout list

Which diabetes foods are good for gout?

Gout Diabetes, and Allopurinol
Finally, I also spotted some relevant gout and diabetes research from earlier this year. So, I’ll be incorporating that in my reviews. But, if you want a quick look now, I’ve added it to Gout and Uric Acid PDFs for GoutPal Members (Allopurinol lowers Heart Disease Risk in Gout with Diabetes).

In my opinion, this is extremely interesting research. Because it links allopurinol with 33% reduction in heart attacks and stroke for people with gout and diabetes.

current allopurinol use was independently associated with a lower risk of incident stroke or MI [heart attack] in patients with gout and diabetes.

Singh, Jasvinder A., et al. “Allopurinol use and the risk of acute cardiovascular events in patients with gout and diabetes.” BMC cardiovascular disorders 17.1 (2017): 76.

Gout Champion Photo

Introducing GoutPal’s My Gout

In Introducing My Gout I describe your optional personal space within GoutPal. Because organizing your personal gout facts is the fastest way to control gout. Also keeping notes about your questions, experiences, and opinions helps you understand gout better.

All in all, it’s your best chance to become a Gout Champion.

Introducing My Gout Audience

Introducing My Gout is suitable for all gout sufferers, and their carers. Because you can use it to help you and your Gout Mentor with all aspects of your gout. Remember, you need a Gout Mentor to get the best gout care. Also, if you choose GoutPal as your mentor, you must start your own My Gout service. So, please apply now on the form below.

However, GoutPal’s My Gout service will also help if you mentor yourself. Or if you choose a friend or healthcare professional to mentor you. Because easy access to personal gout facts helps you make the right decisions about treatment. Then, review of progress means your gout recovery is quicker. Finally, tracking outstanding issues means vital aspects of your gout treatment never get overlooked.

continue reading Introducing My Gout

Rheumatologist's Gout Treatment Failure Rates

Do you know more than your doctor about gout?

I just saw a survey of gout management knowledge in new medical graduates[*]. Or, rather, I’ve seen the results, but I’m still looking for the actual survey.

Anyway, I think it’s fairly easy to work out the questions from the results:

Most (81.1%) felt that gout was a serious disease, 51.2% answered that they had been taught adequately to manage acute gout, only 37.2% for chronic gout. In an acute gout flare, 63.4% answered they would continue urate lowering therapy and 67.2% were aware of first-line pharmacological management options; 28% answered the correct dosing regimen for colchicine. Chronic management was answered poorly. Only 42.0% stated they would titrate allopurinol dosing to a target urate level; 23.5% would check the urate level monthly. More than half, 56.8%, were aware that medical prophylaxis is indicated when initiating urate lowering therapy. Of this subgroup, 46.7% (25.9% overall) knew that non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and colchicine were recommended and 28.4% (15.4% overall) answered the correct timeframe of use. Close to one-third (35.0%), were aware of febuxostat, probenecid and benzbromarone as second-line urate lowering therapy.

Which leads to the expected conclusion:

The findings of this study suggest that new graduates’ knowledge of gout management, especially chronic management, is suboptimal. Many felt their teaching on gout management inadequate; this is a potential target for intervention. Up to date university education which covers chronic management may lead to better clinical outcomes for this burdensome disease.

It would be very interesting to compare this to different countries. But, more interesting to compare it to the average doctor who is currently in daily practice.

What are your answers to these crucial aspects of gout management?

I found this chart after looking for a suitable image to illustrate this topic. It is not from the gout study that I’ve written about. But, it is relevant as far as suboptimal gout treatment is concerned.

Gout doctors knowledge references
[*] Terrill, Matthew, and John Riordan. “A survey on the beliefs and knowledge of gout management in new medical graduates; New South Wales, Australia.” International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases (2017).

Also, read my gout doctors articles.

New Member Information

Today, I’ve started welcoming new GoutPal Members with some information. Because I want members to feel comfortable about posting here. Then they can get off to the best start.

I send the message from the GoutPal Helpdesk, which is for technical support, not gout questions. I will send it out to all new members from now on. Also, I will backdate it to new members from the past month.

I really appreciate all feedback. So, if you think I can improve the following, please tell me.

Thank you for registering on my website. I created this ticket automatically from your recent login to my website, Because I’d like to welcome you to my gout help community. Also. I’d like to share some information that should help you get the most from GoutPal Gout Support Services.

First, I should say that you can ignore this message if you wish. Or, you can save it for future reference. There is certainly no need to reply to this message unless you have difficulty posting in the forum. Also, if you registered by mistake, you can also ignore this message. Because I delete inactive accounts after a few weeks.

Getting Started
For your reference, you should login in future by clicking the Facebook icon. You might also wish to bookmark your GoutPal Profile at [replaced by new member’s profile link].

From your Profile, you can easily find all your forum posts. Also, you can Edit your Profile settings to suit you. Note that there is no option to cancel your account. But, you can do so at any time by replying to this email. Or, as I mentioned above, you can wait a few weeks, and I will delete it if it is not being used.

Please note, this Helpdesk is for technical help so that you can use the gout forums. So, you should always post in the gout forum – I do not give private gout help.
Also, please be aware of the GoutPal Search Box at the top of every page. Because you can use that to find gout information quickly.

It’s Your GoutPal
Finally, I should emphasize that GoutPal is currently in transition. Because I started it as a private project to understand and manage my gout. But, now that I have done that successfully, I want to help other gout sufferers. So, I’m in the process of organizing all my pages in a way that makes it easier for other gout sufferers to use.

To make that transition, I rely on feedback from my visitors and from members such as yourself. So, {first-name}, if you have any ideas about improving my gout support services, please tell me in GoutPal’s Suggestion Box.

I look forward to learning about your gout. Then, helping you control it.

What else would help new GoutPal Members?

Learning Gout Together image

Let’s learn about your gout together.

Visceral Gout in Colon

Improving Visceral Gout Information for Gout Victims

Improving Visceral Gout Information for Gout Victims is currently at the draft stage. Therefore, most of the information is only available to GoutPal Enthusiasts, or higher rank. So to learn more, see GoutPal Members Ranks and Rewards.

Improving Visceral Gout Information Audience

As the title suggests, I wrote this page for GoutPal Victims. Because Gout Victims are not committed to managing uric acid. So, visceral gout information will emphasize the dangers of untreated excess uric acid. If you are not sure which type of gout sufferer you are, see Questions for Gout Sufferers.

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