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Discussing a gout plan
Discussing a gout plan

Gout Forums History

Soon after starting GoutPal, I realized I needed a forum to discuss gout with fellow sufferers. But my earliest platform didn't support discussions. So I started a separate forum.

In it's heyday, GoutPal Interactive helped thousands of gout sufferers every year. Which was especially useful. As there were no official gout guidelines at the time. But now we have guidelines that emphasize discussion between doctor and gout patient. Making gout sufferers need ways to research and discuss their options. So I've created new tools to help patients and physicians understand their roles in managing gout.

Along the way, I had to change the software several times. Until the original gout forum became inoperable. So I switched to the current gout forum. But now, advances in technology force me to adopt a new gout discussion strategy. However, the old forums contain a wealth of questions, experiences, and opinions. Most of which are still relevant to the new ways of managing gout.

Now, I am merging that history into this website. Giving you the chance to see how other sufferers resolve their gout concerns.

Original Gout Forum

Today, I've merged the original gout forum here. So this page serves as an index for finding relevant gout forum posts. More importantly, this page also serves as a roadmap for the vital integration of real-life concerns in gout treatment plans. Underlining patient involvement in current best practices for gout management.

I should point out that I recently started to remodel the old forum as my story of GoutPal. But I never got far with that. So you might ignore any references to "Keith's GoutPal Story". Instead, you should focus on:

Using The Gout Forum

Here in the main gout website, there are several articles that refer to using the gout forum. Including personal research for management plans. Or just about how to share thoughts with other gout sufferers. So here is a list of relevant articles that refer to using the gout forum.

Note that these are references to using (or how to use) different gout forums. Rather than actual gout discussions. This summary replaces many forum and discussion pages. But if you are interested in specific gout topic forums, see the gout forum archives [1-11].

  • 2021 GoutPal Forum. Still active, but merging soon.
  • Forum Tag. Note that this includes guidance for people looking for specific gout forum topics. Such as "allopurinol forum" or "Uloric forum". Note that these are references to using (or how to use) different gout forums. Rather than actual gout discussions.
  • Suggestion Box. Replaced by "Gout Issues".
  • Send Your Gout Pictures. Part of "Gout Issues" - may need guidance notes.
  • Gout Research. See Gout Research Introduction below.
  • Gout Forum Guidelines. Forum is now Discussions and Issues. So I need feedback from users on what guidance they need.
  • Forum Contact. Now, simply ask in the Gout Forum.

Gout Research Introduction

My emphasis now is to provide you with tools that help you plan your gout recovery. Because the latest guidelines from gout professionals advise you to work with your doctor. Then you have a plan that meets professional standards. And also meets your needs and wants. In fact, doctors must now personalize gout management plans to suit you. But how can that happen if you don't know how to tell your doctor about your choices?

The answer is for you to learn about your role. So I recommend starting your personal gout research projects. Then you can chat about your plans in GoutPal's Gout Discussions. Or you can seek direct help with your plan in GoutPal's Gout Issues.

I am preparing new guidance notes for your personal gout research projects. Starting with Resolve Your Gout Concerns Today and Start Your Uric Acid Plan Today.

Gout Discussions and Issues

I've always regarded the forum as a place for gout sufferers to improve GoutPal information for the benefit of others. So I've had lots of success over the years with forum regulars who have contributed ways they have worked with their doctors for improved gout treatment. Now, I'm evolving new support services. But it all starts in the Gout Forum.

Discussing a gout plan
Discussing a gout plan Photo courtesy London Knowledge Cafe[6]

Your Gout Discussion Forums

You have learned how GoutPal's Gout Forums are constantly evolving. So ask in the Gout Forum.

Leave Gout Discussions Forum to browse the Gout and Uric Acid Blog.

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