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Keith Taylor

Been there. Done that! šŸ˜„

Sorry, that’s not helpful. I also made the same mistake of upsetting myself with home uric acid testing. Eventually, I worked out a way to be confident I was testing correctly. By then, I realized that, for me, the test strips were too expensive. And, for accuracy, you have to test very frequently. Then discard any high or low results, and use an average.

It’s not usually a fault of the test unit itself. But, they are scientific instruments therefore:

Order a Blood Uric Acid Kit from a reputable supplier, who offers money-back guarantees and product support. [Uric acid test kit]

The problems usually come from how you use them. What training have you had in using scientific instruments? Do you want to tell me your complete testing routine? Then, I’ll see if I can suggest some improvements to get better consistency. There’s more information here if you search for something like “home UA kit”.

Your doctor should have explained that it takes years for uric acid crystals to accumulate before symptoms show as gout. He’s right that healthy diet and exercise are good for gout sufferers. But, he should have warned you – it takes years for diet changes to have significant effect.

He should also have warned you that gout is not just about diet. It’s often important. But, so are other factors. Excess iron is a common problem. So is genetics – and dieting will not change your ancestors.

All of that probably adds to your misery. So, let’s talk about what to do next.

First, you’ve made massive progress with diet and exercise. You’ve shown you can do it. If you only want to consider diet, I hope I can encourage you with that. I might be able to suggest some diet improvements that help your gout. Do you have a target weight in mind? If so, how long do you think it will take to achieve it?