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Adjusting Your Uric Acid Cure
Adjusting Your Uric Acid Cure

It takes time to reverse the build-up of crystals from years of excess uric acid. So we started safely with our chosen low dose uric acid cure in the previous phase. Now we continue to adjust that dose to reach safe uric acid levels. While continuing to monitor gout symptoms. And manage any adverse treatment effects.

Adjust Uric Acid Cure Introduction

There are too many topics about adjusting your uric acid cure for a single article. So this is a hub page for adjusting your uric acid cure articles. Which you can browse to find the specific topics that concern you most. However, it might not include all uric acid cure adjustment articles that are relevant to you. So you should also use the Google Gout Search Engine to find more articles about adjusting your uric acid cure.

Adjust Uric Acid Cure Progression

Adjust Uric Acid Cure is the sixth phase of gout progression. During which we repeat a cycle of uric acid testing. Followed by adjusting the treatment dose that we started at a low level in the previous phase. Importantly, you must continue your gout symptoms journal. Because this helps to identify any bad effects of your treatment. But it also gives you confidence as you realize good effects.

This phase will continue until you reach your target uric acid level. Which is commonly set at below 6 mg/dL (0.36 mmol/L). But some rheumatologists recommend aiming below 5 mg/dL (0.30 mmol/L).

Medically, this is often referred to as the titration phase. Note that the medical definition differs from the chemistry definition, being:

Titration is tweaking the dose of medication to find an optimal balance between benefits and side effects.
[Optimus Medica]

So, your medicine dose is titrated according to blood test results and your gout symptoms journal.

Occasionally, it is called the debulking phase. Because the aim is to dissolve the bulk of uric acid crystals that have built up over many years. So you should be aware that partial dissolving of crystals might cause gout flares until the debulking process is complete. Which is why rheumatologists recommend continuing pain control during this phase. Either as a daily preventative. Or as required by you when you first notice a gout flare.

Remember that standards for the titration phase have been developed with allopurinol or other medicines in mind. But these standards also apply to non-pharmaceutical processes. For example, you might be working with a dietitian to improve uric acid by changing your eating patterns. So if you are switching to a Mediterranean style dietary pattern, you might start with one day per week. Then titrate to two days, three days, etc.

Adjust Uric Acid Cure Articles

Title or ConcernDescription
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When to Recheck Uric Acid Level after starting Allopurinol?How long does it take allopurinol to work? When you start allopurinol, it can take up to two weeks to reach full potential. But you have to wait for old uric acid crystals to dissolve. Because full gout recovery can take years. How long before allopurinol works completely? See how to make allopurinol work faster. Read when to recheck uric acid level after starting allopurinol.
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Krystexxa Side EffectsBest tophi picture shows disappearing lumps. Before and after photographs of Krystexxa treatment. See pictures showing gouty tophi shrink with low uric acid. Read Krystexxa side effects.

Adjust Uric Acid Cure Summary

During the uric acid treatment adjustment phase, you should maintain your gout symptoms journal. Including changes to your symptoms caused by your chosen uric acid cure. Then use your journal in discussions with your medical team to make shared decisions about changes to your treatment.

Adjusting Your Uric Acid Cure
Adjusting Your Uric Acid Cure

Adjusting Your Uric Acid Cure

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