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Keith Taylor

Easy Life Uric Acid Control Solution is definitely available for Uric Acid Meter test strips. Each time a batch of test strips is manufactured, it is given a code. Solutions are available for at least 6 current batches (8221, 8290, 8334, 8336, 8479, and 8497).

What does your supplier say? Have you told them the code on your uric acid test strips, and asked for the specific control solution for that batch? I warned about the need to be fastidious and meticulous.

I strongly recommend you:

  • Forget the home testing routine.
  • Arrange a uric acid blood test with your doctor, or other medical facility.
  • Get all uric acid test result history from your doctor.
  • Post dates and test results here.

That way we can make a definite decision about the scale of your uric acid problem, if any. Then, we can plan a way to control your uric acid, if such control is necessary.

All I have at the moment, is a single result of 6.2 mg/dL around March 2016. A single result has very little value in the Risky Uric Acid Range. We need to know if that is a representative result, or if you are usually higher or lower.