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Keith Taylor

Thanks for those, Dave.

Urate is uric acid. Strictly speaking, it’s a salt of uric acid. I nearly always use uric acid instead of urate. I feel that it is more widely used in our world. Urate seems more common in the medical world, but uric acid is still most common, in my experience.

Urea is completely different. The urea test is part of a standard kidney function test. In my opinion, kidney function (and liver function) should always be run alongside uric acid tests. Uric acid is a specific test that is vital to gout diagnosis and treatment. These other tests are good indicators of general health. The results need to be interpreted by someone with far more medical knowledge than I’ve got. In the context of gout management, these tests help:

  1. At the diagnosis stage, as a general purpose tool for ruling different diseases in, out, or maybe.
  2. At the treatment stage, as a check for adverse reactions to treatment.

I’m not qualified to talk about your urea test result. I believe that these results are most valuable when compared to earlier patterns.

I could talk for a year about uric acid test results. But, I’ll try to rein it in. As I said before, 309 is pretty good.

I have to warn against anyone taking those normal ranges seriously. They should be banned! People think “normal” means “usual” or “acceptable”. Lab results do not use the word “normal” in this way. It is a statistical term that defines a specific type of averaging – The Normal Distribution.

Another way to consider it is this. Take a room of healthy adults mixed 50% men and women. The normal range for breasts and testicles is both around 1! Do you want that as a basis for medical treatment?

Normal ranges are ignored by anyone with more than half a brain. If any doctor tries to pass off 430μmol/L as acceptable they need to be retired. Or, buried, as they do with their other mistakes.

You’ve done it Dave! All day, I’ll be ranting to myself about Normal Uric Acid!

Quick somebody – warn the neighbors! 😉 😀

P.S. Thanks for another interesting post, Dave. Keep ’em coming.