Reply To: Krystexxa Experience

Keith Taylor

I can’t find anything commercial from Prasco Labs. However, West-Ward have released Mitigare as a branded and generic colchicine. There are coupons at

Best prices I have found is $76.01 at That’s for 30 0.6mg doses. Best price for a similar pack of Mitigare at is $104.52. However, I suspect the price is with coupon and the price isn’t.

Sorry that’s a bit vague, but I can’t full check USA prescription prices from the UK.

It seems to me that doctors and insurance companies got used to the Colcrys fiasco, and just raised prices for their customers. It’s probably time to wake them up, and tell them we’ve moved on. šŸ˜”

Finally, I’ve found the reference about intermittent uric acid lowering treatment. I got it wrong when I suggested annual treatment. Perez-Ruiz believes that, if uric acid lowering is managed correctly, then allopurinol treatment every 5 years could become standard practice. Of course, this is not directly related to Krystexxa. But it underlines that pegloticase treatment might not need to be repeated very often.