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Gout Patient

Hi Irma,
I’m also a SA member so feel free to pm me.
First of all switch docters – I’ve battled for 30 years with this deadful disease and the main cause was that docters think they are Gods gift to Mankind.
You can take 300mg Puricos twice per day combined with a 5mg Colchicine each time and 2 tablets Panamor Diclofinic to help break the pain initially
Ideally you must start with 100mg for week one, then 200mg for week two and three and then 300mg from week four.
This is necessary to get your body used to it. Believe me it is necessary.
I’ve been taking 600mg Puricos for going four months and it is only getting to work now.I’m also seeing some tofu shrinking for the first time ever.
You can also get a cortisone injection which will give immediate relief – but it is poison.
The Banting diet is excellent for losing weight – follow the Low carbs high fat on facebook. Personally I’ve lost 15 kg in 4 months with no effort.
And yes, it is advisable to gettting a bloodtest done on your kidneys and liverfunctions. It can always be used as the base case when evaluating results. Prolonged use of Diclofinic will lead to a loss of kidney function. 70% in my case! Don’t let this happen to you.