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Keith Taylor

Hey, Andrew, don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely correct to be worried about rashes. But, only your doctor can test you to assess what is going wrong. Then, you can put it right. Switching from drug control to diet control might be the right thing to do. But, you have to make that judgment based on appropriate test results, and weighing up pros and cons of different approaches.

Where doctors don’t provide that level of personal guidance, I can suggest the right way to move things forward. Some doctors still stick with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to gout treatment. All I can do in that situation is help you ask for specific tests, etc.

And, personal treatment should include your interests and preferences. So, if you want to improve muscle mass, your treatment plan has to allow for that. With treatment options, the current state of your gout, and personal preferences, we soon end up with hundreds of possible ways forward. That’s why I introduced Gout Groups to try and reduce the number of choices to manageable numbers.

I’m very concerned that you say “I’m still not sure which group I’m in!” We can still move forward without that. But, I really need to know why the 5 questions in Which Gout Group Am I In aren’t working for you. (Now replaced by Questions for Gout Sufferers)

Obviously, it’s easy for me, because I wrote it! But I’m trying to see it from your point of view. Please, can you tell me where I’m going wrong with those 5 questions? Then, I can try to improve it to make it easier to use.