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Lowell Andrew F.

Thanks Keith! I’m basically following your diet guidelines and have read a lot here, plenty of veggies in variety, lots of fruit & nuts as well – everything pretty much fresh, no sugar, lots of low fat dairy and never HFCS (or even just CS). I’m looking at it as if it were the paleo diet, in general, and I like those food types. Fortunately this summer was a great time to do that while prices went down, it may get harder in the winter. My uric acid was last at 4.4 and I feel good this week so far! The longer I’m at work the more it seems to hurt (Friday’s are always worst) So I blame my work for gout 😉 haha.
I also just picked up some supplement pills from amazon but looked for what to get here and didn’t see it. Is there a page I’m missing that details the best supplements? It’d be cool if we could click a link here to order and they gave you some kickbacks for the sales. Also thinking of getting home uric acid test kits. Thanks as always!