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Keith Taylor

Thank you for your patience, Irma. We now have Personal Gout Diary: Irma Reitz. It’s your area, to do what you want with. I’m here to help you use your diary, as well as answer gout questions.

The purpose of your gout diary is to help you organize facts, goals, and progress. You can add as much, or as little, as you like. You can organize it in whatever way suits you. If you are ever unsure what to do with your diary, please ask.

I’ve started with your Gout Facts. That’s a starting post that I’ll use for all new Gout Diaries. We can add to it, or change it however suits you.

Your important first decision is “do you want to edit it yourself?” If you do, just get on with it! (don’t forget – if you get stuck, you can always ask for help). And, also bear in mind, that I will use your facts as I’ve described in my next-to-last paragraph below.

If you want me to edit your Gout Facts Summary, just reply to that topic with any changes that you want to make. You will notice I’ve left some red question marks for facts that I don’t have answers to. You might find these are not important to you. That is to be expected, so just ask me to delete that item.

You might think you’ve already answered the question somewhere else. It’s true that I haven’t gone back through all your previous posts. I have to ask you to do that. Then, if there are any missing facts, just tell me in a reply.

On some of the items, I’ve added a small comment after the red question mark. That tells you I’m not sure if you have more information to add. Please either confirm I got it right, or tell me what I should change.

Always remember Irma, anything in your Gout Diary area is for you. When I write anything there in your name, I’m just doing it as your slave. Once you are happy with the way it works, I’ll tackle the outstanding question about diet. Plus any other burning questions you have.

As you get test results, you can add them as new topics. You can also do this for changes in symptoms, or anything else that you feel is relevant/useful. I envisage a topic for:
– Test results
– Today’s Symptoms
– Treatment changes

But, as I say, it’s up to you. Nothing is written in stone. Once facts and progress are recorded, we can summarize whenever you like. The important thing for me is, I can see all relevant facts whenever I answer you. I need that, because I can’t remember everything. And, I don’t have time to keep checking back on old topics.

Thank you, Irma, for helping me making Gout Diaries a useful new service for all gout sufferers.