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Lowell Andrew F.

Wow – thanks for adding that – we have a lot in common with symptoms. I don’t have anything in my elbows or knees (yet) but am 45 and also did plenty of alcohol (especially beer 😉 and have completely given that up and strictly vegetarian diet as well. I’ve lost 30 lbs from 170 so my wife is a bit worried as I look gaunt already, but I feel ok other than the PAIN. Seeing Rheum on Friday so will report back. I suspect they’re going to tell me it’s not gout, like the last few docs…at this point I WANT very badly for it to be gout, as that will mean it’s not Rheumatoid arthritis.
BTW, I don’t know if you saw my other thread about saturnine gout, but there are some studies that say elevated lead levels cause gout. I was exposed to a lot of lead in the last 6 months and my blood is at least 6 ug/dL if not higher. The studies say even levels of 1.2 can cause gout. “Normal” range is a whopping 25, go figure. Mabye that’s the point at which you switch from alive to dead.
Anyway, you may want to get that checked too as our symptoms are very similar. Best wishes!