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Gary Noyes

Alternative Gout control

I was not able to use the uric acid medicines because of the side effects, And I had Gout in every joint of my body and was even urinating crystals 1/8th inch long So in 1994 I fount that 1/2 TSP of baking soda 3X a day worked well in lowering my Uric Acid it went fro 11.0 down to 5.5 Except when I had Salmon the night before the test and it went to 6.5 for a couple of days after but when I don’t have the fish it says around the 5.5 and has remained there since, and after the Gout was out of me “6 months later” after I started the baking soda treatment, and I never had any more flair ups un till Here lately, as for the past year or so I been eating a lot of baked potato chips (Lots of salt) and a lot of candy. and BANG I now have my right leg so full of gout in the knee I can’t even bend it from the fluid pressure in the joint.. This is the first sever gout flair up sine 1994. So I would like to offer the baking soda cure to anyone that can’t take the Meds for Gout and also give a warning to stay away form Salt. as this is the only thing I added to my diet since 1994 as I been on a vegan diet every since 1994, with the exception of Salmon once a week and it took about a year for this all to build up and cause me a flair up.