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Keith Taylor

Hi, Chris

TL;DR Lingering pain, stiffness, and weakness, is common after a gout flare. This situation worsens as the uric acid burden grows.

So, “What’s the uric acid burden?”, I hear you ask.

Every day that uric acid is above the crystallization point, uric acid crystals form in our bodies. Our immune system engulfs uric acid crystal when it sees them. This prevents further inflammatory response. It hides the problem, but our bodies cannot cope indefinitely, with excess uric acid. Gout flares occur when the immune system gets overwhelmed.

As you’ve experienced, Chris, the uric acid burden can grow over several years, without experiencing a gout flare. Eventually, the burden starts to produce low levels of discomfort, even when there is no acute gout flare. Also, the battle of uric acid crystals depresses the natural repair of joint tissues. So, joints become weaker as time passes.

The crystallization point of uric acid is measured in the lab at usual human core body temperature as 6.8mg/dL. But, our joints are cooler than our core. So, uric acid crystals form at lower than 6.8. Anyway, your levels are much higher, Chris. Extensive, your burden is.

Medics have a policy of not prescribing uric acid lowering until you get 2 gout flares in a year. That’s going to happen to you very soon, Chris.

If you’ve been following my recent posts, you will see that I’m obsessed with Gout Groups. They make it easy for me to focus my help. And they also help me to ask the right questions at the right time. So, my question is, where do you want to go next? Questions for Gout Sufferers has the choices.

You can ignore high uric acid, and join the Gout Victim Group. Or, you can start to consider the best uric acid lowering treatment for you, in the Gout Recce Group. You might even know which type of treatment you want and move straight to one of the treatment groups.

What next, Chris?