Reply To: Gout Seeker Archive

Malcolm Williams

Many thanks for your detailed response. Sadly, although the prednisalone relieved the pain after only a few hours, the pain and swelling returned with a vengence and during the day I have been confined to a a lounge semi recliner chair with my leg elevated since. The pain is nigh on intolerable at times, particularly when I go to bed and have been self medicating my prednisalone with indometacin for the last three days. I take on board your comments re the cause being what I’ve consumed last year, not last week. Because I was wrongly informed by my surgery at the last test that my levels were normal, my diet has returned to ‘pre gout’ days over the last 18-24 months.

I have a GP appointment tomorrow, uric levels and blood pressure, the latter being high enough for the GP to advise medication. I declined this on the grounds that it might have been high having just learned that the surgery had given me incorrect information and had, in effect, jeopardised my future health. Hopefully it will be more settled when taken tomorrow! Am I correct in thinking that I need to find my way onto the Gout Recce group or Gout Group. Sorry for being so vague, Id very much appreciate a mentor to nail my condition asap.