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Keith Taylor

KK D, I think you need to step back, and understand the gout problem.

Fundamentally, gout is excess uric acid. The only way to stop gout permanently is to control uric acid. Every uric acid therapy is different. But, I have a rule of thumb that says:
“Once you get uric acid safe, it takes about a month for gout recovery for every year that uric acid was not safe.”

Again, generalizing, most gout sufferers have unsafe uric acid for many years before they realize they have gout. And, once you start uric acid control therapy, it can take up to six months to get uric acid safe, depending on how aggressively you manage your uric acid lowering treatment.

So, you must be able to control gout pain, during the time it takes to successfully control uric acid. And, you only know if you are controlling uric acid from blood test results.

So far in this discussion, there is not one mention of uric acid test results. And, without uric acid test results it is impossible to assess the value of any of the products you mention. It’s also impossible, without accurate uric acid test results, to measure the effectiveness of any gout treatment.

The other side of gout management is pain control. That should be a 3-part combination that:
1) Inhibits the spread of inflammation.
2) Reduces existing inflammation, which relieves most gout pain.
3) Blocks residual gout pain.

In conclusion, that gives us 4 aspects of gout control that need different treatments. You need to judge each treatment on how it tackles one of those aspects of gout.

Just stopping gout symptoms is pointless – our own bodies do that naturally within a few days. But, our bodies need help to stop the next gout attack. 4 different types of help.

So, before I can advise on any of the products that you mention, I need to know:

How can I help you control uric acid?

How can I help you control pain until you get uric acid safe?

You can decide which is most important. As you started by asking about non-stop gout attacks, I suggest pain control is most important for now. But, it only makes sense to control gout pain if you are also starting to control uric acid.